World’s Best Cat Litter Review? Is this really the world’s best cat litter as it’s name suggest? I think this question creates curiosity in the mind of every owner who want to buy best litter for their cat. Don’t worry, because at the end you are able to find Is it best for your cat or not?

As you know all the reviews on this website is personal suggestion from my side. First I use products and make reviews for you.

So Let’s Go!

World’s Best Cat Litter Review?

World's Best Cat Litter Review?

Just take note of that all my 5 cats was not willing to try the litter out of box. Hence a litter introduction was needed.

Benefits Of World’s Best Cat Litter

Here are the litter benefits

  • It is flushable
  • Made up of whole kernal corn and
  • light weight


  • 28LB= USD 26.95
  • 1LB= USD1.03

Pricing is rather expensive. Putting it at the premium range. Although, this is the Unscented version, I still could pickup a tea like smell from the litter.

About Grains And Dust

World's Best Cat Litter Review?

World best cat litter grains are light and fine.

In theory, light litter grains usually produces more dust. But, for some reason, dust could hardly be seen and are kept to a minimum.

As I find this hard to believe, I dip my hand in just to test it out. Looks like there is dust but for some reason it does not create a lot of dust cloud.


Clumping will be done with 50ml of water, letting it seat for a minute.

Breakage could be seen at the edges.

For a flushable litter, clumping is rather firm to the touch.


Scooping 2 times daily, I did not notice any odour. To a certain extend, the scent mention before could be aiding in the masking of odour.


Tracking was amazing. As it was mostly confined under the trapping mat.

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If premium pricing is not a concern, World Best Cat Litter are good for those who are looking for a flushable eco friendly litter that have strong odour control and good tracking.

Overall World Best Cat litter perform very well in our test other than its premium pricing.

What other cats related product do you want us to review next? Tell us in the comment below.


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