Today I discuss Will Cats Drink Orange Juice Or Not? Is It Safe? Cats creatures are very curious. You will know this thing if you have ever seen cats on the counter. Especially around the new drink and food. Morning breakfast usually requires a big glass of juice. But can you give this drink (Orange Juice) to your cat?

Will Cats Drink Orange Juice?

Will Cats Drink Orange Juice Or Not

In simple words, the answer is “No”. Cats can’t eat oranges as well as can’t drink orange juice. Due to the lack of glucuronosyltransferase in cats, cats cannot digest oranges, which is necessary for digesting essential oils contained in oranges. The accumulation of these oils can be very toxic for furry baby (cat).

What I Can Do If My Cat Accidently Drink Orange Juice?

Will Cats Drink Orange Juice Or Not

Never call the poison hotline or on 911. Not so much serious although, it is enough for you to watch the cat for the next few hours. While it takes time, Whatever your kitty ingests, to pass through the digestive system of them.

You will need to observe your feline to ensure that they do not respond badly towards the orange juice. If kitty consumes a large amount of orange juice, then you see symptoms of citrus poisoning. You may also find that most of the holistic feline websites consider that a little number of essential oils will not harm your feline, I just need to be cautious. With this caution, I would highly proceed.

Before incorporating different forms of essential oils into the feline diet, it’s best to consult with a medical expert.

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In Cats, Is Citrus Poisoning Can Be Fatal?

Your cat experience with drooling, vomiting, weakness, and diarrhea at that time. When your cat eats or drinks citrus fruits such as oranges, it’s a common symptom if your cat ingests citrus.

If your cat comes into the contact with citrus fruits, it might even cause allergic dermatitis. Fortunately, this condition is rarely fatal, but if you find that the cat is attracted and eaten by oranges or other citrus fruits in some way, it is definitely worth mentioning. If your kitty experiences with any of these symptoms then go to the vet as early as possible.

.Try to accurately record the intake of cats so that they have a good idea of ​​what they want to deal with.

Your veterinarian may try to induce cats to vomit by giving them oral solutions. When the treatment is completed, then your veterinarian might give your furry baby activated charcoal, helps to absorb any residual toxins in the kitty.

Is Citrus Scent Natural Cat Repellent?

Will Cats Drink Orange Juice Or Not

Yes, it’s a natural cat repellent. Cats hate the smell of citrus fruits. Orange juice and oranges also belong to the same category. Even there are many products in the market, specifically designed to repel feline in certain areas.

The important ingredients are indeed a citrus smell and orange oil. In the first place, Why do cats hate citrus smells?

It boils down the receptors in the nose of cats. The average amount of receptors in cats noses is about 45 to 80 million but in the case of humans, this number is only 5 million (it’s a huge difference).

just because they can absorb odors that we cannot smell.

you may need to observe them more closely at the time when your cat seems interested and wants to start drinking your’s orange juice. The orange smell is non-toxic to cats. It’s toxic only at that time when ingested.

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How To Make Cat Citrus Scent At Home?

Will Cats Drink Orange Juice Or Not

Even if you don’t have a cat, you can use oranges to make your own citrus fragrance cat repellent. You can spray this anywhere you need. This can be your backyard, garden front door, car or window sill, etc. Where you have issues you can spray this. You only need a few ingredients to make this.

Things You Need

  1. Orange peels
  2. Medium-sized pot
  3. Spray Bottle
  4. Nylon Cloth

Take at least 4-5 decent size oranges for making about 12 ounces. spray. Firstly, peel off all oranges. To make them easier in the peel, firstly cut them into three quarters. Place the peel of an orange in the medium-seized pot.

Pour enough water into the pot to float the peel on top. Then you can consider it the best amount of water. Place the pot on the stove and boiling the water. Then boil the orange peel in water for about 9 to 10 minutes at that time when it releases the citrus oil. When it releases the citrus, it is the perfect time to drain the water.

However, if you have a “Cheesecloth”, you can also use them to try and wring out the orange peel. When the liquid has cooled, place it in a spray bottle and start spraying where you need it.

Which Juice can Cats Drink instead of Orange Juice?

Either you left a glass of bottle juice on the table and caught your cat licking it or you were in the same situation as mine, you are probably here to find out whether apple juice is bad or not for your furball.

The big question: Which juice can cats drink??

The answer: The cats can drink apple juice.

The cat can consume apple juice but only to an extent. Apple juice, unlike some citrus fruits, is not toxic to cats. While it is okay to let your cat gave a few sips of apple juice once in a while but they should not drink it every day. Excessive consumption of apple juice increases the risk of diabetes for cats, especially for older cats.

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How much Apple Juice is Good for Cats?

Being a carnivorous creature, you should be careful when you try to introduce other food.

We cannot emphasize enough how too much apple juice can cause diabetes or digestion issues.

Even when apple’s sugar is natural, they are still bad for your cat’s health, therefore there should be a limit to what they take.

If you feed your kitten excessive apples or allow them to drink lavishly on apple juice, it might make it difficult for them to eat other foods.

They may replace certain meals and may leave your cats not getting all the nutrients they need.

Fortunately, it won’t be hard to steer your cat away from apples. After all, they don’t have taste receptors for sugariness.

What excites them about apples is the crunch. With the apple’s crunchiness, they may continue to take bite after bite.

And, if you are not careful, they may eat too much apple and could lead them to obesity. They may also likely to acquire diabetes. Diabetes’ major symptoms are:

  • Constant urination
  • Reduced appetite
  • Increased thirst
  • Vomiting
  • Reduced activity and lethargy

If you are adding apples or apple juice to your cat’s diet, be mindful of the other foods that they intake.

Make sure that they are not getting too much sugar. Lessen or avoid treats that may have high carbs or sugar content.


If your furry baby attracts the oranges as well as orange juice, then you can use this method to guard your morning drink.

So, next time if your cat shows the above symptoms, then it’s a good idea to go for a check-up.

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