Why I am The Only Allergic To Some Cats? – Cat allergies can be a bit difficult to understand and pin down. It’s certainly possible that you can suffer an obvious allergic reaction while being around certain cats yet have no problem in the world when you’re around other cats.

This can lead people to believe that only certain cats are to blame for their allergy woes. Well, that’s partially true! if you’re allergic to cats you’re allergic to cats just because some cats trigger more outward symptoms than others doesn’t mean you’re not allergic to others. Cat allergies are across the board. If you’ve got them, you’ve got them. Let’s find out more interesting things about Why I am The Only Allergic To Some Cats?

Why Do Allergy Symptoms Flare-Up?

Why I am The Only Allergic To Some Cats?

It’s a very interesting question, Why do allergy symptoms flare up more often when you’re in the company of some cats compared to others?

Fel d 1

It’s vital to note that allergies of this fashion are not caused by the mere presence of a feline. Dander is the culprit comprised of dead skin cells, dry urine and saliva. Dander is ground zero courtesy of a glycoprotein known as ‘Fel d 1’.

This is what triggers an allergic reaction. And once again just because some reactions are more obvious than others does it mean the reaction isn’t taking place.

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Some cats simply have more ‘Fel d 1’ than others. This is the root of the matter and it is why some reactions are indeed stronger than others.

Unneutered male felines can trigger the worst allergy symptoms. It’s also important to note that just because you have cat allergies doesn’t mean you need to jump ship and abort all contact with cats. It also doesn’t mean you can predict a reaction based on breed alone.

Now that, we’ve built a strong foundation. Let’s jump headlong into this topic. Today we’ll cover the symptoms of cat allergies a bit more concerning why some cats are greater allergy offenders than others? And we’ll close things out by having a look at some quote-unquote potential hypoallergenic felines.

Am I Allergic To Cats?

Why I am The Only Allergic To Some Cats?

Roughly 10 per cent of the general population is allergic to domestic animals. When it comes to cat allergies the numbers are twice as likely compared to that of dogs.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Cat Allergy?

Sneezing, coughing and wheezing. In often uncontrollable fashion itchiness around the eyes,  runny nose and nasal congestion, skin breakout, hives over the face and chest and inflammation and redness on any portion of the skin that has touched a cat.

If these symptoms especially if they are in clusters, develop when you’re close to a cat then an allergic reaction is likely to blame. As noted in our introduction this can trigger symptoms and also trigger some confusion

It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. You could check the symptom box across the board as you encounter cat.

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A. Yet exhibit next to no symptoms as you interact with the cat.

B. This is where Fel d 1 enters the conversation. Ford is the foundation of all cat allergies Fel d 1 and how much a given cat produces.

Why I am The Only Allergic To Some Cats?

While we’ve talked about the release of dander and Fel d 1, it should also be stated that cat fur and fur length has nothing to do with increased allergy symptoms more fur and or fur shedding is not all that relevant at least from the standpoint that more equals worse.

Long-haired cats release less dander. This is because long-haired felines hold proteins against their skin. Fel d 1 is more or less trapped in the abundance of fur thus impacting you less. Additionally, females release less Feld 1 than males. Males that are unfixed as we have noted earlier can produce a substantial amount of dander.

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Are There Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds?

Why I am The Only Allergic To Some Cats?

And here comes the tricky part. While there is no true science too fully born out, some cats are indeed considered at least to some degree ‘hypoallergenic’, meaning they should not provoke an allergic reaction.

While we all know that cats will provoke some type of response from you if you are indeed allergic. The overall belief or consensus is that hypoallergenic cats will produce a response that can largely go unnoticed.

Here are a few breeds to be mindful of:

The devon or cornish rex, the Balinese, Javanese Bengal, oriental or colour point short hair, the Russian blue and the Siberian.

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If you’re searching for potentially the safest of the safe that will be the sphinx this breed of cat is bald.

They have no fur to shed although they do have dead skin cells urine traces and saliva and the latter can certainly cause a reaction almost immediately if you are lit. The sphinx is about as safe as one can’t hope for.

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