Why Have Birman Cats Blue Eyes? Did you ever ask yourself why cats have different eye colors? Well, Birman’s are famous for their blue eyes but they’re not the only one. There are other cat’s breed like Turkish Angora has them, Himalayan has them, Ragdoll has them.

Sometimes happened that the same cat has each color of eye different. so read the full article I will tell you about that.

Let’s begin!

Why Have Birman Cats Blue Eyes?

Baby kittens are born with their eyes blue, later in 6 or 7 weeks time they slowly starts developing their own color.

Now let’s take a look at the anatomy often a cat’s eye. Iris is the part that it’s colored and it contained the cells called melanocytes. Now this cells when the ages right starts producing melanin.

Melanin is a brown pigment we also have it in hair and skin but, they also give an eye the color. So more melanin is produced the darker eyes will be at the cat. Besides of melanin production blue eyes with the ground cat is also a consequence of a certain gene called KIT.

Cats Having Two Different Colors Of Eye?

Why Have Birman Cats Blue Eyes?

Now you’ve probably seen cats having two different colors of eye. One is usually green and another one is brown. Well, it is something we call heterochromia.

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It is all consequences of a different melanin production. Now the eye which has more melanin production is usually brown and the one with less is usually green.

Are Blue Eyes Deaf?

Some say that blue eyes are deaf well, theory about this was already made by Charles Darwin.

Now, we said that the eyes are all about melanocytes. Now those melanocytes cell are also connected with inner ear functioning which means that a white blue eye cat don’t have enough of melanocytes also that may affect or their inner ear, so it is possible that they will lose their hearing before.

About Cat Who Doesn’t Have Problem

Now I will tell you Ori (cat) she had blue eyes just like the rest of the biermann’s and she lost her hearing at the age of 17. While Nika and Naya (cat lives with ori) were sixteen and a half and they were still hearing properly.

Why Have Birman Cats Blue Eyes?

Now, if you take a look at the cat’s eyes you can see that their pupils are shaped vertically. Sometimes course to some people that might seems a bit strange but let’s talk why is that so?

Let’s Take A Look Why Is That So?

Now the volume of the light that comes to the eye actually determines how we get the image to the brain. Now if outside is very low light, so let’s say in the dark the pupils expand. More light come into the eye and the vision will be better.

When there is light outside let’s say during the day the pupils narrow. At this, the eye don’t get over stimulated and get damaged. It is functioning the same with people as the cat. The only difference is the cat’s vision is much more precise.

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We can divide animals into groups they’re the one who are hunters and they’re the one who are being hunted. Now some animals like sheeps have horizontally shaped pupils. This way they give them better panoramic view. At this, when they have to run they can also better see the grounds and their obstacles and they can see their predators a lot faster.

Now very fascinating it’s also that when the sunlight is coming from above it has the minimum impact to their eyes, so when they have to run they see the ground a lot better.

Now with Kaz (cat) there is different story just like some other predators like snakes or crocodiles their pupils are shaped vertically. This way they have the advantage so they can estimate where is the prayer and the cat focus on them. But this is not true for all the animals for example Lions they have circled eye pupils just like human.

Losing The Eye sight Of Cat

Why Have Birman Cats Blue Eyes?

Now I had this experience with Nia if you take a look at this photo you can see three cats on it two of them have two eyes glowing or both eyes glowing and one cat just one eye is glowing. Now there is Nia and the other eye was damaged. When I took a look at her that looked to me like the eye would be empty.

Let’s See What happened And Understand This

Why Have Birman Cats Blue Eyes?

If we again take a look at the anatomy of a cat’s eye you can see here a lens. Now, this lens (shown in above image) is connected with something called suspensory ligaments.

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If it happens that ligaments are torn I don’t know exactly why or how that happened with her the lens is then separated from the eye and of course the cat didn’t see.

Now, the vet said that surgery would be pointless because she was living indoors, she knew her territory.

So even if we would take the surgery because she felt no pain it would be absolutely no difference at all for her.

Well human have two eyelids cat have the additional one. Actually many animals have it. Did you know that I had no ideas but the thing is when they blink this third eyelid actually cleans all the unwanted dust or any other dirt that’s been happening on their eyes. Well, it’s very fascinating we use the broom they use their third eyelid.

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Final Words

Also, well if your cat is healthy you won’t see this third eyelid very often, unless your cat is very relaxed and she’s purring next to you or if you just wake her up from her sleep. On the other hand if you start seeing it too often then perhaps paying attention.

If your cat is also living outside then she might got herself into a fight and her eye was damaged. In this case usually just one eyelid will appear. If it appears on both eyes that this might be a sign of internal parasite. Either, I suggest you make an appointment with your vet.

I hope you understand all the things.

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