Why Does My Cat Stare At Me? It is a fact that “the eyes are the window to the soul”. Eyes are an important part of communication but there are other important factors too.

If you’re a cat owner kudos to you. You own one of the cutest most amazing pets in the world. Understanding feline actions can be difficult because cats have a very subtle way of communicating with humans. Their eyes can be a huge conveyor of the felines feelings, if you know how to interpret them.

Lets come to the topic and find Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

If their eyes are squinted and pupils narrow you can tell they feel fear or anger. And if the pupils are wide, it conveys extreme excitement. You also must have noticed that a lot of the times your cat stares at you unblinkingly well, that has a reason too.

Your little pets sometimes supervises you from far away to see what you’re feeling at the time. Though this is not them just trying to be creepy. It’s a natural instinct for them and it actually conveys a non verbal message that can mean multiple things.

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It could be that your fur baby has the munchies. Don’t be surprised! Just because they don’t cry like human babies, doesn’t mean they don’t get hungry.

When they want food they will sit silently beside their plate and stare at you wide-eyed until you realize that you haven’t fed them yet.

Wants Your Attention

The staring could also be because they want your attention and they know that staring at you will get it to them. Yes! they can know that. This is called operant conditioning where they notice that an action has a certain effect and use it to get their way.

They also might throw in some purring along which will make them loveable as well as get them their playtime.

Sometines They Are Curious

Sometimes cats just stare because they are curious. They stalk you like they would have prey and notice the activities you do. Like, when they get into your bed and watch you sleep.

Well, they just find sleeping mysterious and want to tell you that they feel safe in your company. I know it they’re the sweetest .

Feeling Unsafe

Another thing you absolutely need to notice is that when your feline is looking at you with fully dilated pupils. This could mean that they are in some kind of pain, discomfort or that they feel unsafe.

In most cases just a few loving strokes on their head can calm them down. On the other hand the Stare called simply be because they’re bored and went changing their surroundings.

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How To Stop My Feline staring At Me?

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

If you want your kitty to stop staring at you then learn to interpret her body language to understand what she needs and make it happen. Be it food, love, a vet checkup or just some attention. But know that in everything they do, they’re telling you that “they love you”.

Some Situations When Your Cat Stare You

1. When Your Cat Is Hungry And Wants Breakfast

Always assess your cat’s full body language to get the real picture. There are many reasons why your cat might be staring at you.

If your cat is standing on top of you, staring at your eyes to find out if you are still sleeping or already awake then, it might just be time for breakfast.

2. Wants To Play

Staring at you with dilated pupils and wiggling her butt is usually a way of saying that she feels like playing. So, bring the toys out and get some additional play time.

3. Angry At You

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

In case your cat is angry at you for whatever reason then you will notice she is staring at you with dilated pupils and a stiffer body, ears turned to the side and an agitated tail which is switching from side to side.

So, if that is happening you might want to distract her by throwing a toy or a crumpled piece of paper or whatever you can find across the room and then leave her alone for a while because she needs some peace. okay!

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Don’t stare back at an angry cat  because she means it and she is ready for a fight.

4. Slowly Blink

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

If your cat is slowly blinking at you with a relaxed body then this is a friendly gesture of affection. And she might be saying that you are the center of her universe and that she loves you.

So, the best thing to do for you is to blink back at her softly and then turn your head away slightly, which shows trust and says “I love you too”

If your cat blinks back again, yawns or settles down for a little nap she feels relaxed and happy.


In general just be aware that cats are always a step ahead and usually know what you are up to because they study your every move and know you better than you know yourself.

So, when you decide to go to the drawer where the kitty treats are hidden you can be 100 sure they already be prepared that you are going to do that and they are ready for it.

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