Is your cat slap you with its paws and you decide to leave your cat alone or punish him? Don’t worry it’s a common thing. This happens to every cat owner. This thing also happens to me in the early stage when I adopt a cat and I think why does my cat slap me with its paws?

Let’s discuss in detail this interesting topic why does my cat slap me with its paw? And what you can do to stop this behavior?

Why Does My Cat Slap Me With Its Paws?

Why Does My Cat Slap Me With Its paws?

When it comes to the ball swipe it really all comes down to three primary reasons i.e Anger, Play and Curiosity. It’s not uncommon that you find yourself on the receiving end of all three reasons within a matter of moments in some cases.

For example, what starts as a pause slap during an innocent play session could transition into a swipe out of anger and aggression. Later depending on the situation, another slap could be due to curiosity, especially if you introduce a new toy for your cat to explore.

It’s also important to note that depending on the reason your cat could slap with its paws exposed or paws retracted.

Why Do Cats Strike With The Paws?

If your pet is well-behaved and understands the harmless value of playtime your cat could strike you all in good fun with those paws and claws retracted.

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Of course, if your pet is in an aggressive state your cat could have those claws exposed, ready to take strike with some intent behind it.

About Domestic Cat

When it comes to domestic cats they really don’t have too much to work with when it comes to self-defence.

Claws and teeth that’s really just about it. And while agility can be used as a defence with respect to being elusive and escaping a dangerous situation.

When it comes time to truly mix it up claws and teeth are the two main defences and for this reason, swiping or slapping is often the go-to.

Cats only resort to the bite if it’s absolutely necessary. This makes the paw action a very common one.

How To Stop Your Cat From Slapping?

Why Does My Cat Slap Me With Its paws?

Settle With Your Voice

If the paw and claw strikes have gotten a bit out of hand and just too much for your personal liking then attempt to settle your cat with your voice.

Never attempt to match fire with fire that is a very dangerous game. If your cat strikes you and you strike back then you’ve likely created a no-win situation

While it seems cliche and perhaps even a bit corny, just say “No”. Whenever your cat strikes you with the paws and the claws just say “No”.

Remove Yourself From Situation

If you meet the action with a stern yet not aggressive response your cat will get the message. Another way to send that message is to remove yourself from the situation.

If a play session is going just fine and then your cat resorts to some clawing and slapping about just leave, don’t raise your voice and simply just leave.

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It won’t be long before your cat gets the memo, cats hate being ignored.

Once your cat realizes that nothing good comes to them after this pawing and clawing action all of it will end in rather short order. And while teaching methods may vary and that’s quite alright. Try the stern voice and the walk away.

Play Your Cat’s Game

The very last thing you want to do is play your cat’s game. If your cat paws you and claws you and even if they draw blood keep your emotions under control.

Your job is to teach and your cat will never learn if the teacher gets emotional. And while it’s easier said than done always try and keep your cool.

If we talk about cats well, they’re basically a living breathing mood swing. Some a bit more volatile than others and while most cats they don’t mean any harm. Their moods can shift without a moment’s notice. And what they view as good fun and perhaps some good fun competition can be harmful to you and certainly out of the boundary of the structured home environment that you’re attempting to establish for your pet.

Just like with small children a little tough love has to be in order from time to time this is how your cat will learn and mature.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with some pawing during good old-fashioned playtime. If your cat understands the boundaries they’ll recognize that line in the sand and that pawing and clawing all that slapping about will only go just so far.

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Why Does My Cat Slap Me With His Tail?

Why Does My Cat Slap Me With Its paws?

There are most of the reasons why your cat slaps you with his tail. The very reason is they love you and by doing this they show his love to you. Yes, I know this makes you curious and you wonder but it’s true.

The other reasons cats do this behavior is,

  • Showing interest
  • When your cat is scared and Angry
  • Wants Attention

Final Words

Before we close things, I’ll now turn this topic right over to you.

  • Does your cat love to slap you from time to time with its paws and even with those claws?
  • Is it a fun time had by all a fun affair or does your cat get a little bit too rowdy for your liking?
  • Have you had to teach your cat to real things in a bit?

Please let me know down in the comment section below. And hey! I don’t claim to be the final authority here by no stretch of the imagination, so if you do have some positive teaching methods of your own that you would like to share by all means. what you have to offer could certainly help others and hey, I’m all for that.


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