4 Reasons Why Does My Cat Only Want To Cuddle At Night?

Why Does My Cat Only Want To Cuddle At Night? Another very long day has come to a close and there is only one thing left to do i.e “go to sleep”. You walk into your bedroom, and hop right into bed but right before you reach over to hit that light and fade to black you realize that you have a guest and it’s your cat. Waiting to fall asleep right next to you. We can feel how much pain you felt at that time that’s why catsbin decide to talk on this interesting topic Why Does My Cat Only Want To Cuddle At Night?

Why Does My Cat Only Want To Cuddle At Night?

4 Reasons Why Does My Cat Only Want To Cuddle At Night?

If this is a regular thing perhaps even a nightly thing you might be asking yourself why does my cat only want to cuddle at night? You think hey! wow my cat never wants this type of affection at any other time. Well, today right here and right now I’m going to list just a few of the most common reasons why some cats cuddle the most at night and perhaps even sleep right there in your bed.

Safety and Security

Let’s start off with safety and security which is essentially the same thing. Your cat feels safe with you and knows that if anything were to happen that you would play the role of the bodyguard. And at the very end of the day some cats need assurance that all is right with the world.

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Another reason for the late-night cuddles is warmth. If your cat wants to nestle up against you perhaps your pet is a bit chilly and wants you to play the role of the blanket.

Your body heat not only helps to keep your cat warm and stay that way but the closeness also has a relaxing effect for your cat.


4 Reasons Why Does My Cat Only Want To Cuddle At Night?

Very similar to warmth let’s talk about your personal scent. Your cat knows how you smell and likely loves the way you smell.

This harkens back to safety and security. Your scent is one of trust. The last thing your cat or any cat wants is to be on edge during nap time. With your personal sin occupying a shared space, your cat can fall asleep with confidence.

Your Role In Their World

And finally, your cat knows the role that you play in the world, more specifically in their world. You are the provider. In simple, the one who supplies the wet food, the treats, the good pets, the freshwater, anything and everything in between.

If your cat cuddles with you at night and not too much at other times had late-night affection could be your cat’s way of saying thank you. After a long day your cat is letting you know that they know who is really in charge of things? And just perhaps, it’s not them it’s you.

So, when it comes to the only a night aspect of this topic it’s best not to read anything negative into this subject. It’s entirely possible that your cat isn’t avoiding you during the day but rather deliberately selecting the night hours to cuddle.

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If It’s A Regular Thing What Can You Do?

4 Reasons Why Does My Cat Only Want To Cuddle At Night?

If nightly cuddling has become a regular thing, you can pretty much bank on the fact that your cat’s desire to get in your bed or perhaps jump on the sofa after the sun goes down is by design.

Your cat isn’t avoiding you during the day. Your pet is just saving that chill time for those nine hours. However, just to keep things open to other possibilities if your cat seems very aggressive towards you during the day or perhaps very standoffish or dismissive but then the cuddles seem to occur at night. Please let us know we would be more than happy to write about mood swings. And what they mean with respect to daytime antics followed by nighttime affection.

Final Words

Now, turning the floor over to you:

Does your cat cuddle with you at night? Does your cat only cuddle with you at night? The bed, the sofa, tell us about your cat’s overall behavior. And if nighttime cuddling is a regular thing or if it’s quite random? The comment section it’s all yours.







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