Why Does My Cat Meow After Going To Bathroom? – I think it’s a very common question of every cat parent (who adopt a cat). If your cat meows a lot immediately after using the bathroom and this has been going on for several days or weeks, an underlying health issue could be to blame. In this blog, we’ll discuss the cool reasons as to why a feline will vocalize while in the litter box or immediately after and what it could mean in the big picture.

Now let’s come to the topic Why Does My Cat Meow After Going To Bathroom?

Why Does My Cat Meow After Going To Bathroom?

Why Does My Cat Meow After Going To Bathroom?

While not every occurrence is due to a health complication. Cats will never meow in this fashion without a reason. This is why it’s important as an owner to monitor the situation. It could even be something as seemingly insignificant as the litter itself.

Some cats will vocalize when their litter box is too full of waste to use it properly. If there’s not enough litter or if they’re simply uncomfortable with the type of litter or how it smells.

Don’t worry though we’ve got you covered and we’ll do our best to break it all down for you today.

Now let’s get started

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If Your Cat Meows Before Pooping?

Why Does My Cat Meow After Going To Bathroom?

If your cat meows before going number 2, this could be for two distinct reasons, both of which are primarily instinctual because cats are typically stationary when defecating. This leaves them vulnerable for several moments. In the wild, for example, this could be a good opportunity for a predator to make a move.

Meowing before defecating could be your cats way of letting you know that your pet wants you to stand guard, keep an eye on things for a few moments.

The other possibility involves anxiousness related to the identification. Similar to the instinctive behavior of meowing to let you know to be on the lookout, some cats meow before using the restroom because faeces can give away their location.

Your cat could be attempting to send you a message as if to say hey. Get rid of this as soon as I’m finished and no one can track me.

Even though these meows are pointless when inside of a loving home environment. Your cat might not understand that. Give in to your cat this way if it makes your feline more comfortable.

The last thing you want is an anxious cat over a fear that’s not realistic but possibly very real to them.

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Why Would It Hurt A Cat To Use The Litter Box?

Why Does My Cat Meow After Going To Bathroom?

There are a series of medical ailments that can cause a cat great pain when attempting to use the bathroom. Concerns such as urinary tract infections, intestinal blockages, cystitis and swollen anal glands are the most notable. All of these issues are not only painful but can become very dangerous if not treated properly and in a timely manner.

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As we’ve also noted not all bathroom meowing has to do with pain or medical concern. While some issues can surround instinctive behaviors other reasons can involve you as an owner.

Let’s say you’re standing near your cat is your pet attempts to use the bathroom. Your feline could let out a few loud meows, telling you to simply stand back a bit.

Is your cat very young or very old? Meowing in this example could be due to difficulty using the litter box itself. Either the youthful side of an experience or the elderly side of difficulty getting into the box.

The final issue will touch on involves feline cognitive dysfunction. If you’re charged with the care of a senior cat memory loss could be responsible for your cat’s litter box meowing.

Senility could be the reason for your cat’ a behavior. Your precious senior cat could have forgotten what the litter box is for, although quite heartbreaking. This could be the unfortunate reality of the situation.

Final Words

Regardless of the core reason or reasons as to why your cat is meowing either before during or immediately after using the litter box? Never dismissed the behavior. Keep a very close eye on things. If you’ve checked thee litter, change the litter and I’ve done everything of surface value yet the meowing continues please take your cat to the vet it’s best to be safe than sorry.

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In most cases, there’s a logical reason for this behavior that can be addressed and resolved. don’t be fearful just be proactive and on that note, we will conclude things for this blog.

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