Are you confuse about this situation why does my cat keep grabbing my legs? Well, this a very common if you adopt a cat. Every owner passes from this situation. Picture if you will a cat, just sort of hiding away and then jumping out at you and making that ankle tackle right before you reach the end zone for the would-be game-winning touchdown.

Well, not quite that dramatic but you get the idea, it’s called pouncing. And that’ll be our word of the day.

Let’s come to this interesting topic why does my cat keep grabbing my legs? And come to the point why your cat act like this?

Why Does My Cat Keep Grabbing My Legs?

Why Does My Cat Keep Grabbing My Legs?

Grabbing of the legs is typically done for 4 main reasons:

  1. Your pet wants attention.
  2. Wants to play or is simply bored.
  3. It is instinctive.
  4. Think you are playing with them.

Now, we realize that this is not always fun and games for you because sometimes a cat’s aggression can hurt.

Teeth and claws into your legs hey! been there done that I have felt your pain. And while this does qualify as normal cat behavior at least in moderation it can get out of hand especially if something as basic as walking to the kitchen becomes a game of avoiding the grabby cat.

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If your pet often displays what is commonly referred to as the zoomies then pouncing and leg grabbing can become a regular thing, unfortunately. Pent-up energy and a need to blow off some steam can cause a seemingly quiet cat to run amok without a second’s notice. Grabbing of the legs and playtime turned aggressive can be the result of the zoomies.

Natural Maturation Process

By and large grabbing of the legs is just part of your cat’s natural maturation process. If you have a kitten or an energetic young adult cat and they need to get your attention and their own longing to play well both are powerful, very powerful and much-desired things. As I’ve said many times before young cats and young children they are in many ways the same.

Example: Have you ever seen a small child grab onto an adult leg or a parent’s leg perhaps? Heck! Perhaps “it was your own child at one point”. I’ve seen this type of stuff happen in public places.

Why do kids do it? Well, mainly for attention.

Leg Grabbing: The Bigger Issues

Why Does My Cat Keep Grabbing My Legs?

In all seriousness, the grabbing of the legs can become a major problem if it borders on something perpetual. If you can’t have a moment’s peace without your pet seemingly attacking you a vet visit could very much be in order.

The very last thing you want is for your cat to have some type of serious behavioral issue much more than the aforementioned zoomies, and of course, you don’t want your cat’s behavior to promote injury. The young and the elderly specifically.

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Cat bites are no joke. Deep scratches from claws are no joke. Children and senior citizens can be harmed.

Why Does My Cat Grab Me When I Walk Away?

It’s a fact that understanding a cat’s behavior is difficult and after adopting a cat you know it very well. In simple words, movements can trigger a cat’s predatory instinct to stalk and attack. At the time when you walk away by your cat, it thinks you are in a playing mood and playing a game with him.

Your cat thinks you are in predatory behavior by simply swatting your ankle and pouncing. This is the reason behind your cat accidentally scratching you.

More About Why Does My Cat Keep Grabbing My Legs?

Why Does My Cat Keep Grabbing My Legs?

Before we close out this here are some personal tips just a bit of advice to answer these questions. What does the average day look like for your cat? Are you a big part of it? Do you engage with your cat whenever you can or is your pet just sort of around?

Sort of doing its own thing while you live your own life? Is this a rinse and repeat cycle day after day after day? If this is yes, then part or perhaps even all of your cat’s desire to grab you could be due to a lack of both mental and physical stimulation. Your pet could be acting out due to a lack of attention and a great sense of boredom.

Cats that have a balanced day like fresh food, fresh water and mental and physical enrichment are less likely to engage in seemingly random pouncing of a perpetual nature. Before you attempt to address this leg grabbing take a look at the bigger picture. The issue at hand could be your cat’s daily routine because while pouncing is indeed normal, daily leg grabbing is not.

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How Do I Stop My Cat From Grabbing My Legs? 

Pushing your arm or legs towards cats mouth gently and then keep still. This is a simple trick you can perform with your cat. when you perform this action your cat confuse and release the grip. Now, its a time when you confuse your cat. when your cat release the grip ignore your cat until it go away.


Just make sure that something cute and fun is not turning into a real problem that could require a closer look. Your cat shouldn’t have to grab your legs on the regular to get your attention. I think we can all agree on that much. With that said the ball is now in your court. Have you found yourself on the receiving end of leg grabbing?

Was it all in good playful fun or did your pet take an aggressive tone? Has it become a regular thing? Have you ever had a senior cat assuming this posture was a vet visit required?

There are a lot of angles in play here from the young and cute to this aggressive and serious type of behavior where does your cat fall into this discussion? Let me know down in the comments below.

If this has never happened to you before not even once we like to know that too.


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