Why Does My Cat Have Tear Stains? In this blog we will be talking about Tear Stains. In persian cats tear strains are very normal. Like any color appears in the sides of the eyes either brownish and there is dirty.

This is very common in the Persian or the himalyan breeds. If you want to purchase a persian then you can get used to it that you must have to see this and Bare it. And you’ll have to clean this daily today I’ll be telling the remedy behind this.

So, the question is what we call this tear production?

Basically we call this production is “Epiphora”. This is a scientific term apart from this epiphora known as excessive tear production.

Why Does My Cat Have Tear Stains?

Why Does My Cat Have Tear Stains?

This happens when the bacteria or yeast grows in the area very next to the eyes, then due to that the production of tear increases and then stains form in that area.

The treatment in the remedy for this is very simple and you can do this daily it’s nothing to be worried about.

What Can I Use To Clean My Cat Eyes? (Treatment)

Some people come in stress and immediately without consulting their vet buy some ear drops and start using them.

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They start using any entries bacterion, you must not do that  becausethis is very common and you don’t have to worry about this.


First of all you can use rosewater pour this into the eyes and clean the sides of the eyes with this cotton. You must do this gently and you must not apply force and if you do it forcefully then the animal welfare excessive irritation and the animal would start running away from you.


Why Does My Cat Have Tear Stains?

You can get this powder from any pharmacy. You have to take 1 gram or about half Cup of water and then add this.

After this you can rinse the eyes either using a syringe or dropper and apply it with the cotton on that areas like I’ve told you before and then you see the tear stains completely disappear.You can easily do this at your home.

Petting a persian cat is considered a difficult task. The reason behind this is, you have to take excessive care of them because they have very long hairs and you have to comb them daily, you have to clean their eyes and apart from this you have to give them a good moderate temperature.

So you must get to know all about this before buying one that you have to face all this.

Is Petroleum Jelly Helps Your Pet To Remove Tear Stains?

Is petroleum Jelly Helps Your Pet To Remove Tear stains?

For me, this (Epiphora) isn’t so much a medical problem as a cosmetic issue. But alot of people with little white fluffy dogs or cat don’t like the fact that little white fluffy dogs or cat tend to get tear staining.

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They get those like brown streaks down their face and there’s all kinds of different products on the market that claim to work.

I haven’t ever been impressed by any of them, so here’s the most effective treatment for tear staining, it’s a little bit labor-intensive but it is absolutely effective.

How To Use Petroleum Jelly For Tear Stains in Cats Or Dogs?

Why Does My Cat Have Tear Stains?

Take some petroleum jelly, just regular old petroleum jelly grab a toothbrush and every day just brush a little bit in your dog’s fur where the tear staining. Is just a light amount.

You don’t want to give them a really greasy face. You just want to give them enough that those tears running down have a chance to evaporate before they really stain the fur.

If your dog’s or cat got a lot of staining, it’s gonna take a couple of months to notice a difference. But after about two or three months when all those discolored hairs fall out, the new hair is going to be gorgeous and white, and all without the use of any chemicals or any drugs.

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Final Words

Petrolium jelly works really nicely. I recommend you to use this against epiphora.


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