Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere In The House?

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere In The House? Popular thoughts suggest that cats are independent and somewhat aloof. For the most part, this is indeed true. When it comes to granting you personal attention, you’ll find it most from a dog not a cat.

However, cats, when they pick their moments, they’re pretty cool like that. If your furry pal is following you around the house you can bet your bottom dollar that it means something. Your job is to figure out what, and that is not always an easy task.

Today we’ll run down a list of the most probable causes that can trigger your feline to become your shadow and follow you all around your home.

Getting to the root cause is critical as you’ll not only be able to identify what your cat wants it needs but also you’ll be able to grant yourself some space and some peace of mind.

Now let’s get started

Why Is My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere In The House?

Once and needs most of the time that’s why your cat will follow you around the house. It’s rarely a random act. Fhe important role that you play as we noted in our introduction is making sure that you get to the root cause.

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While most of the explanations are minor in nature and could borderline on insignificant. It’s always important to make sure that your pet is not in danger. That comes before everything else.

Let’s take a closer look at several reasons as to why your cat is acting as your shadow? Keep in mind that most of these reasons are quite self-explanatory.

9+ reasons Why Your Cat Follow You Everywhere In The House

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere In The House?

1. Boredom

If your cat has nothing better to do it might follow you simply to fill the gap and pass the time. Hey! I’m bored, so I’ll follow you around and see what you’re up to this fine day.

2. Play

If your cat is in the mood for a little physical activity and stimulation your pet could be following you. As a means to get your attention in this fashion. Time to break out the feline playground if this is the case get those toys on deck.

3. Mental Stimulation

Similar to physical play and activity mental stimulation is also a reason your cat might follow you around. Mental engagement to be more specific either directly from you or another source.

Sometimes a simple act of pulling back a curtain and allowing your pet to take a peek outdoors can be more than enough. Since are also important.

Stimulation created by catnip Olive, time, honeysuckle etc. Can prove beneficial cats need stimulation to stay sharp it’s not just physical alone.

4. Environmental Enrichment

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere In The House?

Allow your cat to explore the great outdoors if the setting is available and is saf. Jumping, climbing, running, exploring in a safe manner. All of these aspects are key the perfect complement to play and mental stimulation.

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It’s also important to set up enrichment activities indoors use a scratching post, build your cat a tunnel allow your pet to make the most of safe chew toys. Allow your feline the ability to blow off some steam in a structured fashion.

This will keep your cat from getting bored and seeking activity that could be a bit dangerous and possibly destructive.

5. Desire To Get Your Attention (Attention Seeking)

Verbalizing, circling around your legs and feet, clawing and pawing at you. This form of behavior could be the desire to have one or all of the above needs to be met or your feline could simply just want to be the center of attention.

Your cat knows when you’re watching TV, using the computer, texting or talking on the phone rather than acknowledging them. Some cats just want to be the king or queen of the castle, at least for a short time.

Other reasons as to why your cat is following you around the house could involve the desire to be petted. This one is pretty much self-explanatory, so we’ll move right along.

6. Desire For Help

This typically involves a lost toy, something is wrong with the bedding etc. Usually something that the cat can’t fix but knows that you can. The desire for fresh water and food in a clean litter bowl etc.

7. Alerting The Owner

The next involves alerting the owner. This is similar in many ways to asking for help.

8. Curiosity

Curiosity is also a potential cause for following. This is not too much unlike boredom. Your cat could be following you simply because it’s curious as to what you’re up to.

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9. Insecurity And Separation Anxiety

Other reasons can involve insecurity and separation anxiety. They are very much alike, let’s say you’re seated on your sofa and your cat is just inches or feet away and you suddenly decide to get up.

If your cat is a bit insecure and/or has anxiety when you’re not around, your cat will follow.you in an effort to bridge the gap. If.you have a cat that hates being alone.then it’s not too uncommon to have a shadow near you at almost all times.

10. Lack Of Territory

Lack of territory is another reason that your cat might follow you and this is somewhat of a unique one. If your pet lacks his or her own area for play, food, security, relaxation etc. Your furry pal will likely attempt to invade your space.

This is not done out of harm or meanness but out of the search for a place to belong. This is why it’s important that your cat has its own little setup. A home within your home .

11. Affection

Similar to petting an attention-seeking your cat could just want your love. Nothing more nothing less. “Come back here human and love me”. Well this is often seen from dogs typically much more often than cats.

Felines are not as distant as some I think, if a loving bond has been formed. Some cats can almost start to behave like dogs when it comes to the desire for attention, security and you guessed it affection.

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