Why Does My Cat Eat Grass Every Day? I think every cat owner wants to know about that. If Your cat goes outside then the chances are that you’ve seen your cat eating grass. You may have even seen grass in their vomit? but, cats aren’t cows so, why do cats eat grass? So let’s come to the topic Why Does My Cat Eat Grass Every Day?

Why Does My Cat Eat Grass Every Day?

Why Does My Cat Eat Grass Every Day?

It’s a very common question for every cat owner Why Does My Cat Eat Grass Every Day? Eating grass is a very common thing among cats. It is reported that more than 70% of cats eat grass regularly, so it is possible that your cat is one of them.

And over the years there’s been a number of theories about why cats eat grass from nutritional deficiencies especially folic acid, which is found in grass juice, which is important for growth and intestinal digestion through to eliminating hairballs for also for cats who are feeling unwell, to make them vomit and even eating grass for stress relief but, potentially the mystery has been solved. So, in a recent study to look at why cats eat grass?

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Reason Behind Why Cats Eat Grass?

Why Does My Cat Eat Grass Every Day?

Actually, in 91% of the cases, the owners said their cat didn’t appear to be unwell before they ate grass and then didn’t vomit either. So, that kind of refutes the theory about cats eating grass to make themselves vomit.

So it’s been proposed that regular plant-eating by domestic carnivore so that’s your cat eating grass is a reflection of an innate behavior from a wild ancestor who regularly ate grass.

And this has been shown in the large cats by examining their feces, which has shown a lot of indigested or indigestible plant material in their scats and it’s thought that this innate behavior was to drive actually the elimination of parasites from the gut so, by eating plants by eating especially undigested non-digestible plants that actually causes the guts the intestines to contract more to work harder and that eliminates parasites.

And this has been shown in primates that eating indigestible plants actually purges the system of intestinal parasites so, it helps to eliminate parasites and reduced any worm burden that’s going on there. so, it’s thought that this regular plant-eating behavior that your cat is exhibiting is actually a way for them to without knowing it just helped to reduce any intestinal burden within their intestines whether they sense that or not.

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Now as for helping to get rid of hairballs well it’s certainly possible that this does help as well although that wasn’t mentioned in the study but if we think that if by eating plants that are going to increase the workload of the intestine it’s going to increase intestinal contractions then that absolutely is going to help to eliminate anything else within the intestine so, if there’s hair building up then that grass may very well help to just eliminate that hair and stop it blocking up and stopping hairballs being produced.

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What Can I do If My Cat Eat Grass?

Why Does My Cat Eat Grass Every Day?

And actually the team of scientists who were investigating this, their advice for cat owners was, actually to provide your cat with a safe form of grass for them to eat, so that could be something like ryegrass and you could actually buy kits of safe grass for cats to keep inside just to help them, fulfill their natural desire to eat grass.


So, your helping could have provided there the needs for their behaviors that they want to express so that actually will lead to a happier cat as well.

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