Sometimes owners confuse in this Question Why Do My Cats Grooming Each Other? Is It Good Or Bad? we all know that cats love grooming themselves but in this blog we will tell you the four most common reasons why cats groom each other.

Lets start

Why Do My Cats Grooming Each Other?

Understand the feline world better one of the most common reason why cats do this is because

1. They Like Or Even Love Each Other

Why Do My Cats Grooming Each Other

yes, cats are capable of love and, their affection is not only directed to humans but also towards other four-legged fellows.

Cats can also display this behavior to all kinds of pets from rabbits to dog. This behavior is meant to induce relaxation and is used to bond and build relationships and the act of bonding with other family members is pretty common in the animal kingdom but, the only difference is the way in which animals of different species do it.

However one thing is for sure they will never do this to a pet or human they don’t like.

so, next time you are wondering if your cat likes you or if she likes your other cat, watch out for this behavior and if she starts licking you don’t try to stop her.

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2. Social Acceptance

Why Do My Cats Grooming Each Other

If you recently added a new cat to your household, you will probably notice that your resident cat will not be too happy about that hisses, growling and even fights are to be expected in the beginning of their relationship, however as time goes, your resident cat will get used to the new addition and will stop seeing the other cat as a threat. so, after you see Your cats grooming each other for the first time you can rest assure that your established cat has accepted the new arrival.

3. It feels Good And It’s Helpful

Why Do My Cats Grooming Each Other

Cats have a hard time to clean certain areas of their body like head, neck or even ears and this is where a helpful hand from their feline buddy can make wonders. Cats will not have to work as hard to clean that areas and will get to relax while another cat gets this job done for them.

Think of it as going to a massage it isn’t anything more soothing than a good old massage at the end of the day. right? plus this allows them to clean an area which is kinda impossible for cats to clean on their own and I’m talking about the inside of their ears.

Now hold on I know this might sound gross to you but cats use the same method to clean their butts. sometimes you just need to get accustomed to your room mate strange behavior and yep cats need their inside of their ears to be clean just like we humans do. so, if your cats clean each other’s ears this is also a win for you.

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4. Dominant Or Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Why Do My Cats Grooming Each Other

Sometimes even if your cats like each other one of them might use this innocent-looking behavior to assert its dominance over your other cat.

In 1998 study called The Function of Allogrooming In Domestic Cats” which was performed in a group of cats living in confinement, it was determined that higher ranking animals groomed lower ranking animals more often than the other way around and so allogrooming in domestic cats may be a way of redirecting potential aggression in situations in which this is too costly.

I must say that I noticed this behavior in my cats too. “Marcel” our orange one loves licking our grey cat for long periods of time and afterwards almost always starts a play fights session. However I personally don’t think that our ginger cat is doing this out of dominance, he loves snuggles and grooming us and after a while starts biting us. Even though this might be confused with aggression cats use love bites all the time to express their feelings. so, I think it’s more a matter of grooming and afterwards getting a little bit bored but who knows.

Final Words

I think it’s a better way (for cats) to clean themselves.

Do your cats groom each other if so, tell us in the comments below. why do you think they are doing it? we hope this blog shed some light upon the reasons why cats groom each other? but, who knows exactly what cats are thinking.

If you enjoyed this blog share this with those one, having cat.

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