It’s very difficult for new owners to understand cat behavior. I know you all are agree about this fact. Now, the topic is why do Cats walk in circles before lying down? Well, cats in many ways are like children, so much of what they do at least on the surface makes very little sense at all. As adults, sometimes we just have to sit back and smile. However, as is true for felines 99.9 per cent of the time.

When it comes to the most notable reasons behind this little dance let’s begin this interesting topic why do cats walk in circles before lying down?

Remember everything is done for a reason, even things we find rather amusing nothing is accidental. A grand purpose always reigns supreme.

Why Do Cats Walk In Circles Before Lying Down?

When it comes to circling before lying down it’s all about preparation for securing the area and making sure it’s fit for the job and appropriate for the moment. Simply plopping down at random just won’t cut it, especially if we’re talking about the floor.

Certain Level Of Comfort

It’s all about establishing a comfort zone and without that cats have nothing and they know it. I mean who doesn’t love a nice bed and cats well a bed is whatever they make it a box, some grassy spot in your yard a slab of concrete, or whatever it is a cat will find ways to make it better.

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Cats will take a walk around as a way to make sure that anything that can be pressed down and potentially made softer will be just that.

Have you ever seen your cat go over to their bedding and just knead it for several minutes at a time, making sure everything is as cosy and as comfortable as possible? Circling is one way to make sure that this five-star setup is the very best that it can possibly be.

For Survival

Why Do Cats Walk In Circles Before Eventually Lying Down?

Relying on instincts cats will circle to make sure the coast is clear, no predators and nothing in the distance planning a sneak attack. Cats use all of their senses to detect potential threats. The act of circling can give a feline valuable information about the area and while all of this can take no more than 5 to 10 seconds that time is certainly well spent.

Even a house cat of 20 years that uses your living room floor as a napping space with no threats in sight is still not immune from this routine.

Why Do Cats Rotate Sleeping Places?

Assume the resting position that’s yet another reason for circling. Some cats will feel the need to circle as a means to wind things down, literally wind things down. The curling up into a ball can start from the standing position, essentially spinning like a top before winding up like a pretzel almost like a gymnast doing a floor routine.

On cold nights even in the comforts of the great indoors cats curl to maintain that all-important body heat and that curl-up can be made all the more glorious thanks to a little pre-tucked circling.

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On the flip side, some cats will circle in search of locating, a cool spot within existing bedding or just the existing ground in general.

We kick things off in the sub-heading by talking about security, taking a bit of a walk around to make sure the boogeyman isn’t prowling about it’s all about instincts, and closing out this subsection

Let’s talk about unwanted guests of the tiny varmint variety Cats most notably in the wild will circle around in an effort to find a resting spot that is free of critters. More natural instincts kicking in the circle motion clears the area potentially causing existing creepy crawlers to find another spot.

Why Do Cats Knead Before They lay Down?

As you know, kneading is also included in the bedtime ritual. It’s a sign of security and calms down adults as well as small cats. Sometimes owners confused and want to know why does my cat do this? Or Why do cats knead with all four paws? When you notice a kneading cat it’s just like cats do march around. I know this behavior irritates owners the most because this cat behavior damages the costly furniture, so for my advice, you also start kneading to calm yourself (Joking! Don’t take it seriously).

About Physical Discomfort

Why Do Cats Walk In Circles Before Eventually Lying Down?

More common in adult cats although potentially impacting felines of all ages. Some cats feel the need to circle a resting area simply because lying down is not as easy as it once was, the days of just plopping down are over. Some cats almost need what can only be described as a head start in order to relax, lying down has now become a chore.

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Cats that are dealing with arthritis injury and other body pains of potentially internal and external reasons will be more focused and careful when it comes to how they settle themselves. Attempting to rest can be quite painful in a quest to find comfort transitioning from a standing or sitting position to one of curled-up relaxation can be a daunting task.

If you’ve noticed that your cat is having trouble lying down and also getting up from a resting position please contact your vet as soon as possible. Being proactive can lead to early and beneficial treatment. They can potentially grant your pet some much-needed relief.

Resting should always be an enjoyable experience for your cat, not something they should dread or fear. If your cat circles as a means to soften the discomfort of merely lying down. snap into action and be the hero that your pet needs and deserves.

Final Words From Myself

On that note it’s story time we have arrived does your cat do a little 70s disco dance before lying down, perhaps a little beige staying alive before resting if so, please let me know in the comment section below.

One of my cats used to circle lie down and stand up about 10 minutes later circle lie down stand up circle rinse and repeat. And when I say a circle I mean a tight circle, here again, funny to watch but there was a method to the madness I am sure. At any rate, I think I’m talking in circles at this point so that is my cue to hit the happy trails.


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