This blog helps you to know about Why Do Cats Sleep So Much? There’s probably no image that better symbolizes peace and tranquility than a sleeping cat but, how much sleep does your cat really need.

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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Why Do Cats sleep So Much?

Cats like most predatory animals require long stretches of sleep to save up energy for sprinting after their prey.

Your own house Panther probably sleeps anywhere from 12 to 16 hours a day and sometimes longer depending on age and health, even though the only thing she’s probably pouncing on is – her dinner plate.

Even, when they are in the midst of a deep sleep cats are easily awakened and ready to bolt should danger be closed that’s why it’s almost impossible to sneak up on a sleeping cat.

Are Cats Nocturnal?

A lot of people think cats are nocturnal and by nature are most active at night but, they are actually crepuscular, meaning that, they’re more likely to be alert and moving around in the early morning hours and then around dusk. This might be why your kitty likes to wake you up in the morning she’s ready for breakfast and socialization. You can curb this habit by refusing to give your cat food or attention until you are up at your normal time and eventually she’ll learn to wait into the alarm clock rings.

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Can Cats Have Different Stages Of Sleep?

Like humans, cats have different stages of sleep including REM or rapid eye movement. In this stage, you may notice that your cat is flinching or twitching your whiskers possibly reacting to an active dream.

The other sleep cycle is called non REM or deep sleep, the cat will live very still during this phase but inside her body is hard at work repairing muscle, building bone, and boosting immunity.

Is Sleep Is Vital For A Cat’s Health And Happiness?

Why Do Cats sleep So Much?

Sleep is vital for a cat’s health and happiness, to ensure your cat is getting enough sleep be sure she has a quiet private place to nap where she won’t be disturbed.

Cats generally perform warm places, which is why you’ll often see them napping in a sunny spot or near the radiator.

Can A Cat Get Too Much Sleep? Is Their Health Depends On It?

Why Do Cats sleep So Much?

The answer is yes if a cat is bored she may sleep more just because there’s nothing else to do.

This can lead to weight gain depression and other health issues. so, be sure to spend time with your cat every day engaging an active play even older cats. This will ensure your cat has a healthy balance of activity and sleep.

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