Why do Cats Scratch You For No Reason? | Is It Is Natural?

In this blog, you will know about Why Do Cats Scratch You For No Reason? And What Are The Reasons Behind That? As an owner of the cat, you are currently facing such type of problems like my cat is still wrecking my house, my cat scratching up my furniture, My cat is scratching me, I don’t want my cat to scratch. Now, what do I do? Well, calm down! This blog helps you to find the reasons Why Do Cats Scratch You For No Reason? And what are the reasons behind that?

Why Do Cats Scratches?

Why Do Cats Scratch You For No Reason? Is It Natural?

If your cat is like most cats he or she probably likes to scratch their claws. Scratching is a normal instinctual behaviour in cats and it actually serves a number of different purposes.

One reason cat scratches to advertise their territory to other cats. You might be surprised to learn that cats are actually very territorial animals and they often communicate their presence to other cats through the act of scratching.

When cats scratch on the furniture they’re signalling to other cats that this area is their territory in addition to visual communication provided by the sight of marked surfaces.

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Why Do Cats Scratch You For No Reason?

Scratching also involves olfactory communication inside the pads of a cat’s paws are tiny scent glands, these glands secrete invisible chemicals that are deposited on the surface of anything. The cat scratches we humans can’t smell these secretions but other cats in the area can we don’t fully understand this form of feline communication but we do know that it plays an important role in territorial signalling.

Another reason cat scratch is to maintain their nails. scratching actually helps the cat shed the outer layers of their nails as they grow.

Finally, scratching also plays a role in muscle health. During scratching cats stretch their bodies helping them to maintain healthy muscles the next time your cat wakes up from a nap pay attention and you’ll probably see her scratching to stretch her muscles as you can see scratching serves a number of important functions and cats are instinctually programmed to exhibit this behaviour that’s why it’s simply unrealistic to try to stop your cat from scratching behaviour is damaging your furniture you can manage this problem by redirecting the scratching on to more desirable areas like a scratching post.

How to stop your cat from scratching

Scratching is a natural behaviour for cats. It’s something that cat owners need to realize cat just need to do it. It feels good, it leaves behind a scent mark that the only cat can smell. Its an important communication tool for them and also a visual mark that’s an important signpost that they’re leaving for other animals in the area.

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If you’ve gone away in that way what do you do?

Take a clue from where the cat has been scratching. Cats have preferences for different types of locations and substrates. So they might want to scratch on a vertical surface or a horizontal surface. They might want to scratch something that feels smooth and soft.

So take a clue from what they’ve already scratched. Try to match the scratching post that you offer to that type of preference and also the location of it. Cats like to scratch in prominent places as I said it’s a signpost. So don’t hide the scratching post down in the basement. Put it in the spot where your cat seems to prefer scratching anyway.

How To Encourage Cats?

You could put the scratching post next to the chair and encourage the cat to use the post and at the same time discourage them from using the chair by something on the chair that doesn’t feel so good to scratch.

Some simple solutions are putting double-sided tape on the scratched areas, the cat doesn’t like the feel of that stickiness on their paws. You can also keep them away from particular areas by using a citrus-scented air freshener. Cat doesn’t seem to like that strong citrusy smell so they’ll tend to stay away from those areas.

Is It More Challenging The Longer You’ve Allowed The Behavior Too?

Yes, any behaviour can become a habit, the longer it’s been going on so nip it in the bud. Take action with some of these tips and really praise them when they use it and that way they know what you want them to scratch they’re going to scratch so just let them know what you want them to scratch.

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Tips To Remember

Decline cats are a very painful procedure and there are some very simple solutions to prevent the need for the decline. Keep your cat’s nails trimmed they can do very little damage with short nails from the very beginning. Make it an easy process involving praise and treats and clipping just one or two at the time. Also, it’s possible to get little rubber nail caps that slide on the cat’s nails are glued in place your vet can do that for you or if you are a good handler you can do it yourself and those last for about three weeks and they’ll just fall off naturally. As the nail grows and you just replace it all right.

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