Why Do Cats Purr? – Have you ever been lying in bed trying to sleep when the cat jumps up on your chest and starts, like, kneading you, getting all up in your face rumbling like a Corvette and drooling into your mouth? And you’re kind of annoyed because, like, you don’t love the taste of cat spit, and you have to get up early. And you’re also like “Awww… that’s very cute, this cat has genuine affection for me.”

Well, don’t be fooled! Sheriff Fluffy probably happens to be cuddling you, but cats don’t just purr when they’re content; they also do it when they’re in pain, giving birth and even death.

Did you Know that Kittens can purr before even they can see or hear anything. They can purr and respond to purr at the age of two days but they can’t hear or see until the age of two weeks, so why do cats do this?

Why Do Cats Purr And How They Do It?

Why Do Cats Purr?

Kittens open their eyes at two weeks of age and gain full vision at 5 weeks of age. Ear canals start opening by the age of two weeks, so a small question here will be how they find there mum.

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How Purring Helps kittens To Find Their Mum?

One way they find their mum is by feeling the vibrations of the mum purring, so how is that mysterious purr produced.

The muscles of the cat’s Voice Box ( Voice Box = Larynx) open and close the space between the cat’s vocal cords (The Glottis) rapidly, causing air vibrations during Cats normal breath 20 to 30 vibrations per second and those vibrations produce the purr.

Cats Who Roar Can’t Purr Is It True?

One more point here before we get to why do cats purr is, Cats who can purr cannot roar and cats who roar cannot purr. And that is because of a bone that surrounds and supports a good part of the voice box. For a cat to roar that bone has to be completely solid which is not the case in our cats at home.

Why Do Cats Purr?

Why Do Cats Purr?

There is medical evidence that purring has a healing effect on bones muscles and tendons.

Cats purr when they are giving birth, nervous, in pain & when happy. When cats are in one of those conditions, a chemical reaction happens in the brain which triggers the purring process, so it is not just when they are happy.

While scientist doesn’t know yet if cats have full control on purring or if it is just involuntary, most of them defiantly agree that purring has a good effect on cats and humane.

Why Do Cats Purr When You Stroke Them?

There are 2 reasons behind cats purr. The very ordinary purpose is because they are happy and content. Your feline likes being scratched and stroke and so you touching them makes them content.

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The one more another purpose is a sickness which is not the case in your instance, I’m sure about it.

Why Do Cats Purr And Then Bite You?

Kitty cats like Pascal (my cat) often exhibit that behavior where they bite and purr at the same time. Pascel can be just loving being pet, happily, excited but sometimes overstimulation leads to bad behavior on the part of cats, so listen to your cat’s body language and if they have spent or bite even though they may be purring at the same time, back away.

Cat bites can be very very serious.

Why Do Cats Purr So Loud?

The signal from the neural oscillator in the brain is sent to the laryngeal muscles, originate them to vibrate. Due to this movement controls how much air passes through the purge occurs depends during inhalation and exhalation. However, most of the cats purr loudly, at this you will be able to hear those motorboats passing across your room.

Can Cats Purring Heal You?

Why Do Cats Purr?

Yes! If you’re the owner of a cat then you are lucky because your purring cat gives you a lot of benefits and helps you to maintain your health without doing extra efforts. So, I suggest you to thanks your cat and take care of them.

we take a look at how cats purring affect humans. Below I  describe Six benefits a cats purr provides their human.

1. Petting a purring cat can help calm your nerves and also lowers blood pressure and stress in humans.

2. Cat owners are also forty per cent less likely to suffer from heart attacks.

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3. Per vibrations promote the healing of swelling in infected areas.

4.  A cat’s purr can also decrease symptoms of dysnea for both humans and cats.

5. Frequencies of up to 25 and 50 hertz promote bone healing and strength.

6. T he vibrations also help promote healing of soft tissue injuries from muscles tendons and ligaments ever wondered.

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Why Does A Cat Sounds Like A Motor?

Burning and sounding like a motor is one of the most basic sounds a kitten makes. At a young age kittens associate purring with positive experiences such as playing, nursing and grooming.

Whenever a kitten feeds or is nursed by a mama cat, they make this gentle self-soothing sound. This might very well be the reason the cat per affects humans in such a great way.

Why Do Cats Purr? – YouTube Video


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