Before coming to the topic let’s understand what is pleasure? Rubbing, kissing and licking on that area where you get more sensation it gives pleasure. Animals and humans both like to give or receive pleasure. Pleasuring is one of the most beautiful feeling and the time when you receive it, you are in heaven! I know you feel this type of pleasure while reading this blog. Joking! There are many things which gives pleasure but now the topic is why do cats like their ears rubbed so much? Very interesting subject!

Have you ever given your cat that type of pleasure and after that, you realise your cat wants more and you think why cats love it so much? Don’t worry catsbin helps you to know the answer of this question.

Let’s come to the topic and discuss why do cats like their ears rubbed so much?

Why Do Cats Like Their Ears Rubbed So Much?

Why Do Cats Like Their Ears Rubbed So Much?

While not every cat is a fan of having its ears rubbed; most enjoy it to the fullest extent.

Mother cats spend a great deal of time giving their kittens plenty of protection and affection. The licking of the ears, behind the ears, the chin, and the face it’s all a very pleasing experience for a young cat just getting used to the world. For that reason, it should come as no surprise that the primary reason why cats love their ears rubbed regardless of age is because it reminds them of the comforts of kittenhood.

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Presence  Of Scent Glands

Not to mention the entire head area contains a lot of scent glands, so it generally makes for a prime petting location and an overall relaxing experience.

If you gently rub the ears without applying too much pressure your cat should be quite satisfied and perhaps even drift off to sleep.

Basic Act Alone

Another reason why cats enjoy their ears rubbed is because the basic act alone can serve as a grooming stimulant. Reminding the cat hey! I got a groom not only the head and ears but elsewhere.

Have you ever petted your cat around the head in the face? And the next thing you know they’re watching a paw? It’s just like a jump starter.

Ultimately the rubbing of the ears is a piece of nostalgia. Former comforts if you will, it’s also a great bonding tool. Your cat will start to think that you’re really something special if they know that you can provide those ear rubs.

Heck, you might as well be a mama cat!

Some petting locations well it’s a take it or leave it type of thing, perhaps it’s even more for you than for your cat in some cases. However, the ears now that’s a location of significance.

One of meaning, it’s a sign of love to your cat when you do it and if your cat allows you to have this type of access to the years well, that’s a piece of love in return.

A cat’s ears are very delicate. It’s also the spot where some early memories are formed. Mama cat cleans up her young and giving them attention and much-needed affection.

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If cats could watch youtube they’d probably watch ASMR videos featuring other cats getting ear rubs. Just a guess, so with that said I’ll now turn it over to you. A bit quick to the point today nothing too special if you will some topics are just like that and hey! I try to just go with the flow based on the subject matter at hand.

Does your cat love it when you rub those ears perhaps a little behind-the-ear action? Do you have an adult cat who just morphs back into kittenhood once those ears are petted?

It can be quite a calming experience even the toughest cat on the block is never too far removed from those gentle days. And if mama cat did her job I’m sure that tough cat probably behind closed doors certainly misses those ear rubs.

Frequently asked question

Why Do Cats like getting Scratched?

Why Do Cats Like Their Ears Rubbed So Much?

After separating a cat from its mother they consider its owner is a mom. The oldest theory about why cats like getting scratched is because this type of action reminds them about their mom. As I mentioned above mother cats spend a great deal of time giving their kittens plenty of protection and affection and this is the reason why cats like it.

In simple words, gentle scratching is a sign of affection.

Do Cats Like The Inside Of Her Ears Rubbed?

When I put my finger inside my cat ears they like it. Sometimes it comes to me and wants me do it again. Yes, cat-like the inside of her ears rubbed. But remember your nails must be trimmed because it hurts your cat and creates trouble if you put your nail inside the ears.

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When I do this first time I notice my cat loves it. When you find a good spot you notice they kick like a dog. I can’t actually scratch the ears of my cat I only rest my finger inside the cat’s ears and wiggle. This process is very fast and my cat like it.

Why Do Cats Like Their Ears Licked?

Why Do Cats Like Their Ears Rubbed So Much?

Sometimes cats put you and lick your ears and you think why do cats do it to me? Is my cat want to tell me anything? Well, it’s normal cat behavior. Cats use this behaviour to groom other cats when they are in a group. If your ears are clean then your cat wants to get in there and do more cleaning for yourself.

Final Words

At any rate, let me know how your cat reacts to the ear rubs and not to avoid the other side of this equation does your cat dislike ear ups? Hey! If that’s the case I’d really love to hear from you. The comments section is now open for business. Your words are very much important to me and I want to know your story.

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