Why Do Cats Knock Things Over? This is a very common question of every cat owner. Sometimes due to natural cat behavior or for entertainment cat can do this type of things. I know this thing very very well because I am also the owner of 2 cats.

Sometimes my cat doing this job when they are alone at home because at that time I’m not there to attend them or to stop them not to do this bad thing, but now I solved this issue. I know you are excited to know how I deal with this? So, lets come to the topic Why Do Cats Knock Things Over? And You Can Stop Your Cat? I think it’s very easy.

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over?

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over

Some felines have a tendency to knock things over — even if you plead with them not to. Here’s something appear passive-aggressive about the way they slowly tip your things over.

Are They Purposely Jerks?

The behavior has a few reasons according to experts, but being a jerk is likely not one of them. The origins of his destructive habit are likely derived from a more primitive behavior called “toying.”

At the same time, your furry baby starts to step on the object, which is similar to their beating around the prey. Your cat’s instincts tell her that whatever object is on the table could turn into a running mouse, with a little bit of encouragement. And because cats love a good game and chasing things, they might poke it to see if it runs.

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Another plausible explanation is boredom. If your cat is not entertained enough, your kitty might just decide to knock something over out of curiosity.

And it’s everyone knows how curious felines are? Knocking something over also earns them attention, for example, you running into the room after hearing a crash or yelling at them.

All these things might actually reinforce the behaviour. After all, even bad attention is still attention, right?

How I Stop My Cat To Knock Things?

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over

If this thing creates trouble in your apartment then how you can stop your feline from doing this thing. The fastest solution is not to put anything light enough to be knocked over on the table, shelf or table.

At that time When you find the solution to this problem, I strongly recommend that you do not leave anything fragile on the shelf or table. If the problem area is a specific room, then close the door and keep the cat away is the best option to solve this issue.

If closing the door is not possible for you, one temporary option is to apply double-sided sticky tape to that particular area.

When your cat jumps to a table or shelf, its paws will stick slightly to the tape, and this feeling may prevent your cat from jumping back. If you can prevent the cat from jumping, you are more likely to prevent the problem.

Instead of yelling or chasing your cat away, If your cat has already jumped on the table get your cat attention by making noise and redirect your cat to more appropriate behavior.

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After that give your cat something else to do when you get your feline attention, preferably an enticing toy

But you can also try to aim at the root of the cause. As I mentioned above, and as Jackson Galaxy says, knocking things over is a sign of boredom. Instead of waiting for your cat to jump on the problem area looking for some fun, provide your cat with the entertainment it needs before jumping happens.

You can easily accomplish this by playing regularly with your cat, in multiple sessions. It usually takes about 3 sessions of playing with either a ball or with a wand toy to tire your cat out.

A tired cat is an entertained cat that’s less likely to resolve to other means of getting fun, such as knocking things over.

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Not to mention that playtime will make your bond even stronger. If you play enough with your cat, this behavior will disappear in no time. And no, cats are not jerks when knocking things over, they just want what you and me and everybody else wants – entertainment.

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over? – YouTube Video


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