Cats are loving and wonderful creatures on earth. It’s a truth that understanding a cat’s behavior is very difficult and now, after adopting a cat you know it very well. Why do cats hide when they don’t feel well? Cats do this many times when they feel sick. Is it normal? Well, don’t worry catsbin helps you to find your answer. Why do cats hide when they don’t feel well

Why Is My Cat Acting Weared and Hiding?

Why Do Cats Hide When They Don't Feel Well?

Hiding and praying is a natural behavior of creatures. But, why cats do this is a mystery for you now. Well, cats are natural predators. Sometimes they use to hide themselves for their safety from other animals.

Let’s discuss this in detail

Self Preservation Instinct

Cats can be some rather tough nuts to crack as the old expression goes. They know how to take care of themselves and they also know how to protect themselves from the enemy. Unless a feline has a very close and loving relationship with a treasured owner they don’t reveal too much.

When it comes to illness and just feeling unwell in general cats thanks to basic instincts will guard themselves accordingly.

Cats Can’t Afford To Show Weakness

I knew everyone wants to know why cats do this. Self-Preservation at the core, it’s what cats are all about.

Cats can’t afford to show weakness. If illness or injury falls upon them. They must get out of the high traffic zones. In the wild, this means being away from potential predators.

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Cats hide as a way to stay out of the action, so as not to give themselves away.

Animals can sense fear and you know predators can spot a weak one from a mile away. Cats can’t afford to place themselves in open and obvious danger. The ability to isolate and hide especially during times of physical distress will stay with a cat throughout its entire life.

And even in the comforts of the most loving home environment with no predators inside it’s not uncommon for a cat to retreat to a special hiding spot laying low out of the action. Away from unwanted attention and physical contact cats are just hardwired in this way.

And while this is sound behavior on the part of a feline, very wise indeed these types of displays can make things very tough at times for even the best of owners.

Is There Something Wrong With My Cat?

Is there something wrong with my cat injury, or illness, is it minor or perhaps extremely serious? Mostly owners put these type of questions because they are too much worry about their pets.

Without a bit more to the story, cats can leave us in the dark about what is really going on. When it comes to your role give it some time but not too much time.

If your pet has gone into hiding especially if their overall behavior has changed completely and they are unwilling to eat and drink and even use the restroom we encourage you to be proactive and take your pet to the vet as soon as possible.

Pay very close attention to everything and take notes if needed. The more documentation you have the easier it will be to convey the situation. to your vet.

The Desire For Attention

The cats won’t reveal too much unless they have a very strong and loving bond with their owner. This little fact can potentially change the entire picture of how your pet relates to you during times of illness and injury.

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Rather than hiding away, some cats have the presence of mind to draw closer to their owner. In their very own way asking for help and support.

If your cat is done well you could find that your pet is needier, more affectionate and wants, more of your attention in general.

While this is a complete reverse of those basic instincts. The role you play is very much the same. Be mindful of behavioral and physical changes.

Is Your Cat A Bit Too Loving And Needy?

Why Do Cats Hide When They Don't Feel Well?

That can raise a red flag in the same way that hiding away can spark a concern. Stay on top of things and don’t be fooled by your cat’s request for attention if you think there’s a lot more to the story.

Cats that are in physical pain for example could look to a trusted owner for comfort.

Gaming The System

Since this topic has been a bit heavy in terms of subject matter I thought we’d brighten things up just a bit. What about cats that game the system? Those cats when they’re all better, are still trying to score those sympathy points.

Several years ago one of my cats I was caring for sustained an injury. Just a minor injury to a front paw, there was swelling involved. The cat had a difficult time applying weight to the foot for about a week but overall the situation was minor in nature.

At any rate not long after when the cat was ready to roll and good to go the game began.

When the cat didn’t think I was looking I would see old bad paul just roaming around, running around, not a care in the world fully healed.

Of course, as soon as I would go outside the cat would approach me with a case of the poor me’s. Limping, paul in the air, woe is me the cat gained the system. Because he knew that during the time when he was really hurt he received that royal treatment. Well, that red carpet was taken away once that injury was healed.

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Is It Normal For Cats To Hide When Sick?

Why Do Cats Hide When They Don't Feel Well?

Hiding pain is normal behaviour for your cat and when your cat does this you need to take a look. You need to understand the signs of illness in cats. And if your cat shows signs of illness then you need to take a look regarding this matter and go to a vet for a check up.

A vet checkup is necessary because if your cat hides a bigger issue then it becomes dangerous.

How Long Do Cats Hide When Sick?

Cats are excellent at hiding pain. If the issue is mild then your cat hides the illness for 2 days and after that it becomes normal. But if the issue is not mild your cat hides it for many days.

For me 2 days are normal but if your cat does this behavior in excess and crosses the limit i.e 2 days then go to a vet for a checkup. Prevention is better, so it is necessary to go to a vet. If the illness is not mild then it creates trouble and becomes a bigger issue for you and your cat.

Final Words From Me

I’d certainly love to hear from you. Does your cat hide away when they’re unwell or injured?

Due to the strong relationship that you have with your pet are you able to easily identify when something just isn’t quite right?

On the other hand, does your cat seek out your attention and affection even more than normal when they’re dealing with a health issue?

And finally what about that gaming of the system. Any funny stories to share about an injury for example that lasted well beyond its expiration date simply due to the enjoyment of some tender love and care.

For any of the above please express it all in the comments section below.

Why Do Cats Hide When They Don’t Feel Well? – Youtube Video


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