Why Do Cats Have Whiskers? – It’s a very interesting question. Most owners who pet cats are curious to find the answer to this question on the internet. Sometimes due to a lack of knowledge owners cut our cat’s whiskers because they don’t know how they worth it? And why do cats have whiskers? If you are a new cat owner and want to know why it’s important? Then you are lucky! Because after reading this article you love your feline whiskers and you never cut them.

Are you know blind cats use his whiskers to see the world. Lets, come to the topic and know about why do cats have whiskers? And how blind cat uses his whiskers?

What Are Whiskers?

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Like other hair, although whiskers squirt out of hair follicles, they do stand out on cats. The root and depth of the whiskers are three times deeper and thicker than ordinary hair.

They are well-positioned, above the eyes, front legs, chin, near the ears and above the upper lip. The accurate location of the whiskers varies from breed to breed but most cats have 12 whiskers, arranged in 4 rows on each cheek.

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As compared to ordinary hairs whiskers are more sensitive due to jam-packed with blood vessels and nerves. Due to the fact cat’s whiskers are compared with human fingers because human’s sense of touch in fingers and cats touches the entire world with the face.

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Surprisingly there are lots of people who don’t realize just how amazing cat whiskers are? And there are plenty of people who think they’re just extra-long hairs and they’re not really that important, well that’s as far from the truth as it actually gets.

When most people think of cat whiskers they think of the most obvious ones, that are growing from either side of the nose but cats also have whiskers growing along their jawline, above their eyes and even on the backs of their front legs.

The whiskers are very different from the rest of the cat’s hair they are much longer and much stiffer and they are also embedded much more deeply into the cat’s body.

Are Whiskers Helps Cat For Sensation?

Inside the body, the whiskers are connected to the muscular and nervous system now these are highly sensitive and they allow information about the cat’s surroundings to be sent to the sensory nerves.

This allows the cat to have a heightened sense of feeling and makes it much easier for the cat to navigate and respond to its environment.

At the tips of their whiskers, cats have sensory organs called proprioceptors and these are my father cats are know where each part of their body is which helps when it comes to making split-second decisions about their next move.

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How Whiskers Helps Blind Cat?

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Their whiskers also detect tiny vibrations in the ear which helps with hunting and allow the cat to move swiftly around in the dark without bumping into things or injuring themselves and this is why blind cats can live such a normal life.

If you’re not yet impressed there is even more, not only the cat’s whiskers help them to gauge whether or not they will fit through a small tight space, even if they cannot see that space but the cat also use their whiskers as a visual measuring tool to measure the distance between two surfaces.

This is what allows them to jump so freely from place to place and what allows them to jump onto narrow surfaces without hesitating on falling.

How Whiskers Help A Cat To Convey Its Emotions?

Finally, whiskers help a cat to convey its emotions to other animals including humans. In the below points, I described the position of whiskers according to their emotions.

1. When A Cat Is Starled Or Overexcited

If a cat is startled or overexcited then their whiskers will often be pointing upwards along with the rest of their fir. when a cat is in a hunting mood their whiskers will be tilted forward slightly.

2. When The Cats Is Contentent

When the cat is content their whiskers will be relaxed.

3. When A Cat Is Scared

when a cat is scared or trying to look threatening their whiskers will be pulled back against their face.

Why You Should Never Cut Your Cat’s Whiskers?

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

If we summarise this a cat’s whiskers act as a radar a tracking system a unit of measurement guidance control a warning system a way to show emotion a way to evade danger and they also allow your cats perform incredible lawless acrobatic acts and all of these are reasons why you should never cut your cat’s whiskers?

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Cat whiskers do shed and grow back naturally but in a way that doesn’t affect their ability to function. Much like a bird sheds feathers without it affecting its ability to fly.

Cutting them can result in your cat becoming very disorientated and making it more difficult for them to navigate their surroundings. Meaning that they can end up in dangerous situations such as misjudging and jump or not noticing a predator quick enough.

Although they do grow back eventually cutting your cat’s whiskers will be like taking away one of your vital senses such as sight, hearing or touch, so it’s in your cat’s best interest just to leave their whiskers alone.

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So, if you didn’t know before just how incredible cat whiskers are? Now you know why it’s so important for cats to, so don’t cut them and take care of your little furry baby.

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