Why Do Cats Have Tears In Their Eyes? | Emotional Aspect

Do you ever notice tears in the cat’s eyes and worried about them and think why do cats have tears in their eyes? I know about you and know that you are the kind of person who helps others to solve their problem. Why do cats have tears in their eyes? I’ve decided to take a different approach to this specific topic why do cats have tears in their eyes? I wanted to touch on the emotional aspect and see if one even exists.

I’ve seen on various message boards and just chatter around the web about cats crying and folks asking if cats can cry? If they do cry in the same way that we cry? And if an emotional pull can make a cat shed tears? The answer is No.

Why Do Cats Have Tears In Their Eyes?

Why Do Cats Have Tears In Their Eyes? | Emotional Aspect

Before I get into today’s presentation I just want to say that if you are looking for the medical side of this topic in terms of eye injuries, irritants, allergies, eye discharge and drainage then go to what causes eye discharge or drainage in cats? That will hopefully address many of your questions and concerns.

Cats don’t cry tears that are driven by emotion. They’re just not wired that way in the most simplistic of terms. A cat’s eyes can tear up due to health reasons but sadness will not stir a cat’s emotions. In the same way that it can potentially stir hours.

However, cats are very emotional animals just in general, make no mistake about that and they display emotion and sadness for example by expressing themselves vocally and physically intense meowing, yelling and what could even sound like crying.

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It’s all common when a cat becomes very emotionally charged i.e sadness, frustration, anger and pain.

Cats can also mope around a bit almost like children. Perhaps hiding out in various spots of the home just curling up and sort of checking out the cat version of pouting to some degree. But just to reiterate cats do not cry emotional tears.

What Does It Mean When Your Cats Eye Is Watering?

And while this topic question and the answer is rather simple this is still a very good question, especially for novice owners. So much of bringing a cat into your home and loving your pet and forming a deep bond comes with a bit of the human touch.

In order to keep things light and fun, we often assign things to our pets.

In my world, my cats talk and have very deep thoughts about my favourite sports teams. Of course, none of that is real. Obviously, it’s for my own personal amusement and that’s normal because I think we probably all do that to some degree.

We all talk to our pets and give them thoughts pressing our world upon them simply because it makes things more fun just in general.

Assigning a human component to our cats is enjoyable. It helps to complete the relationship. And when it comes to tears it’s easy just to glance overlook over to your cat see those watery eyes and think your cat could be crying.

However, things like allergies eye infections and upper respiratory infections some type of health concern is responsible for those watery eyes that you’re seeing and the discharge especially if it’s in a prolonged or perpetual state.

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Why Is My Cat Crying Red Tears Out Of One Eye?

Why Do Cats Have Tears In Their Eyes? | Emotional Aspect

If you, unfortunately, see the tissues around your cat’s eyes inflamed and red and your cat’s eyes is in tears in one or both eyes or you can say with a watery discharge, then at that time there is a huge possibility that your cat is suffering from conjunctivitis. Pinkeye is its nickname.

Is Conjunctivitis A Common Cat Problem?

It’s the most common cat problem. An allergy, an infection, or sometimes dust can bring it on.

Final Words From Me

This blog is more about just sort of being casual today and asking what could seem like a simple question yet is asked quite often so uh I see this question asked a lot within the community. I just wanted to chime in with a response and I hope you found it helpful and informative.

Any comments, the floor is now yours positive dialogue is a huge part of this community.

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