Why Do Cats Hate Hugs? And How To Change This? It’s an interesting question. You love to take your cat in your arms whenever you want to! You may also love to be able to hug your cat to show your feelings! But every time you try to do this, you’re greeted with displeased growls or fear. And you can’t help but wonder: why do cats hate hugs?

I’m a cat guardian myself, and I know how frustrating it can be, but you can change this.

Let’s understand why cats act this way and what you can do about it. And yes, not all cats hate hugs – but I speak for those who do!

Why Do Cats Hate Hugs? And How To Change This?

Why Do Cats Hate Hugs? And How To Change This?

1. She’s Feeling Trapped

Cats hate feeling trapped! In the wild, cats are preyed upon by larger animals. Their instinct is to fear being trapped, as this means they cannot escape if danger arrives.

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2. She’s Not In Control

Not being in control is stressful for cats and humans alike. Even if your cat is not afraid something dangerous might show up, it doesn’t mean Kitty likes to be restricted.

3. You’re Taking Her By Surprise

Surprising her with a hug, picking her up unexpectedly are things your cat hates. Cats, in general, like routine and feel comfortable when they’re able to predict what’s going to happen next.

4. You’re Not Doing It Right

Many cats hate being held as you would hold a baby! It’s not a natural position for them, and it’s also one that exposes their precious tummy. This might be exactly why your cat hates this.

So next time, try holding her in a way that doesn’t expose her belly!

5. You’re Hugging Your Cat Too Often

Even if your cat doesn’t mind hugs, picking her up too often will surely displease your cat. As such, your cat might even run from you when she suspects you intend to hug her.

6. You’re Doing It At The Wrong Time

Maybe it’s not that your cat hates hugs; maybe she hates the timing. If you pick her up when she’s active and playful, it’s no wonder Kitty is displeased.

7. She’s Not Used To It

If you’ve adopted an older kitten or an adult cat, it might be that your cat is just not used to being handled by humans. You can try to get her accustomed to this by following the steps I’ll talk about in a minute.

8. She’s Not Used To Your Home Just Yet

This is a common occurrence in cats that have just been adopted. Everything is still new for them! Most likely, they’re not feeling entirely safe yet, and that prevents her from relaxing.

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9. It Might Mean A Medical Problem Or A Recent Change

If your cat suddenly hates being in your arms, it might mean that she’s in pain. Cats Don’t Want To Be Held When They’re Vulnerable

In this case, it’s mandatory to see the veterinarian. If Kitty is healthy, then ask yourself if you changed anything about your cat’s life. Many things, such as a new pet, a newborn, or even a scary robot vacuum cleaner, can stress out your cat.

In turn, your cat can become reluctant to receive hugs. If this is the case, make sure to help your cat adjust to these changes. But if none of the previous reasons apply, then maybe your cat is growing up and turning into a teenager.

Teenagers are less likely to be affectionate than adult cats.

10. It’s Not In Your Cat’s Nature

Sometimes, it doesn’t have anything to do with how you handle things. Suppose your little tiger is a scaredy-cat or a very active or independent cat.

In that case, it’s only natural for your cat to hate being hugged. Cats have personal preferences too, and it’s never a good idea to force them into doing anything.

After all, being held or hugged is not her love language, and your cat might not understand the meaning of this gesture.

What Can You Do To Help Your Cat Enjoy Hugs?

Why Do Cats Hate Hugs? And How To Change This?

1. Do It When She Is Relaxed

The best time to hug your cat is after she’s woken up and is still sleepy or after a playtime session when she’s just laying around.

2. Do It Is Rarely As Possible

Picking up your cat too often can cause serious discomfort to your feline friend. At this, try to take your cat in your arms as rarely as possible.

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3. Pet Her Before Taking Her In Your Arms

The best way to ensure your cat won’t freak out is to gently pet your cat before grabbing her. Also, talking to your cat can ease out the process.

4. Try To Calm Her Down

If you sense any nervousness, try to calm your cat down by talking to her or petting her. Don’t squeeze your cat too hard.

5. Choose A Quiet Time

Why Do Cats Hate Hugs? And How To Change This?

This is especially important if you have a scaredy-cat. Don’t hug your cat if you have guests or someone is vacuuming. Otherwise, your cat could get a severe panic attack!

6. Try Some Treats

Teach your cat to enjoy being hugged by spoiling your furry pal with her favourite treats. If you do this repeatedly, your cat will associate being held with receiving food and will be more likely to accept it.

Here are some awesome treats that should do the trick! If nothing works, leave your cat be.

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Remember, if you want Kitty to enjoy hugs, you have to do it slowly and as gently as possible. But if you follow all these steps already, and your cat still hates hugs, then just leave her be.

It’s essential to respect your cat’s way of being to make your cat happy. Don’t try to change your cat into something she’s not.

I hope you’ll be able to teach your cat to enjoy hugs, or at least to don’t mind them.


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