Why Do Cats Always Want Doors Open?

Why Do Cats Always Want Doors Open? What’s that sound ohh! “the dreaded closed door”. And while it doesn’t bother some cats not even in the least little bit. Other felines can have an issue. Once that door clicks, there could be a problem. And to make matters worse and perhaps more complex, cats that struggle with closed doors and want all doors well, to be opened it really doesn’t matter which side of the closed door they’re on. Whether they’re in a room or on the outside looking in a closed door can be a source of strange attraction.

Curiosity, fear and major anxiety for some cats, so what’s it really all about? Why do cats hate closed doors and seemingly demand for them to be opened?

Let’s understand

Why Do Cats Always Want Doors Open?

Why Do Cats Always Want Doors Open?

Curiosity Factor

The vision of what a closed door signals to a cat in a very simple way is that things are taking place behind the door.

There’s stuff there.

The closed-door also signals a space that they cannot currently occupy. Well, quite naturally, if cats have that on the brain in a roundabout way that type of curiosity can breed anxiety or a sense of being trapped.

Here again, it doesn’t really matter which side of the door the nervous feline is on. Life is taking place and they can’t see it or get to it.

For example, your cat could be standing in your big spacious living room yet crying over a closed bedroom door. It’s kind of weird for sure.

Anxiety Factor

What if it’s more than your cat just wanting a random closed door to be opened? What if your cats saw you into the room and then close the door behind you? That means they know you’re in there.

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This is where some level of separation anxiety can strike. You’re in the world without your cat and your pet knows it. This goes beyond you know casual curiosity if you will. Your cat quite literally is on the outside of your life looking in or at least attempting to look in.

If your cat is naturally very emotional and emotionally sensitive and extremely dependent on you, the fact that you’re behind the door. Well, this can make for some trying times for your pet.

Your cat wants and needs your attention and just wants a social connection, if that is the case the door signals isolation even if it’s only for a very very short period.

Kittenhood Factor

I know you are shocked after knowing this factor but it’s true. What about this behaviour just as a whole sort of a broad brush overview? The general desire to be on the other side of any closed door, there’s a chance that it developed during kittenhood.

This is especially if you personally restricted your cat from either leaving a certain room or gaining access to other rooms.

Your Response Factor

Another factor is your response. Did you or do you still sort of bend and break when your cat cries over a closed door?

Do you open it if your cat vocalizes and scratches at the door beyond your personal tolerance level?

If so, your cat’s action or actions could be a learned behavior especially, if the latter part of the cries equaling access. Your cat probably at least by now knows the tricks of the trade a bit. Your pet knows that all they really have to do in order to get to another room is make a big scene.

This can be a hard behavior to change and to break especially if it was learned at a very very early age.

My Cat Story Against doors

Why Do Cats Always Want Doors Open?

If you’ll flatter me for just a couple of minutes, I have a story to share on this very interesting topic. It concerns one of my cats, to put it mildly, it has a thing for closed doors. It will meow at closed doors, scratch at closed doors even if he’s on the outside of the room and even if he knows the room on the other side of the door is totally empty.

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To watch him it seems to be a clear case of curiosity. The grass is always greener and you always want what you can’t have.

That’s one of my cats and his relationship with those closed doors. I am very much convinced that he could be in the middle of the desert. And if someone put up a door and you know just your standard size like bedroom door he would still stand there and complain. He wouldn’t casually go around the door I mean after all he is in the desert no he would just stand there and meow.

There’s something about the visual of the closed door that is really compelling to some cats.

This topic is very relatable on a personal level to me as a cat owner.

How To Keep Cat From Opening Door?

Why Do Cats Always Want Doors Open?

So, your cat always wants the doors open or a door open, any door open, every closed door in your home has to be open. Or your cat just can’t take it, can’t handle it. When it comes to the tricks of the trade as I like to say allow your cat to see what they think they’re missing. In other words regardless of which side of the door they’re on.

Don’t keep the room a secret and if the room is truly empty. Let your cats see that and understand it.

Conveying to them in the best possible way that they are in the proper room and that behind the door isn’t all that exciting.

That’s the key.

Do everything reasonably possible to make the room that your cat is in, a fun and relaxing place to be. This is especially true if you have a cat room in your home and your cat is having to stay there because of you know other matters in your life of a personal or professional nature that are taking place in your home; house guests, extended family, perhaps a business meeting you name it.

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Can I Leave My Cat In The Room Alone For A Few Hours?

Why Do Cats Always Want Doors Open?

If you have to close the door on your cat and leave them behind for a time try not to make the association so jarring.

Linger around in that room with your cat just for a bit, hang out for a while, play with them, and provide them with a sense of assurance that you will in fact be back and they’ll be just fine where they are without you?


Understanding a cat’s behavior is very much difficult, some times it shows you bums Why Do Cats Always Want Doors Open?  This is a very interesting topic because it can mean something very different to every cat and every cat owner. There are many angles to explore here.

Is your cat seemingly stuck in a room and wanting out or is your pet in the living room meowing at the linen closet, for no good reason at all at least no good reason that you can see.

Those reasons I noted earlier: the curiosity, the anxiety, the fear of separation from you, they learn behavior from kittenhood.

Lean on these possible reasons a bit and apply them to your own unique situation. This is specifically and especially true if there is a specific door or a single door that your cat always seems to want to be open.

Final Words

And with all that said the floor is now yours. Does your cat have an interesting relationship with the closed doors in your home?

Does your cat always want the best of both worlds or you can say the other side of the door is always at least in their eyes and in their mind more desirable, is that the case? Is there a story behind it all? Have you figured out what has triggered your cat’s behavior? Whether you’re dealing with this issue in the here and now or experienced it long ago. Share it with catsbin because your words are important for us.

Why Do Cats Hate Closed Doors? You-tube Video

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