Why Do Cats Always Show Their Bums To You? | Is Your Cat Insulting You?

Do your cat shows their bums to you? It’s an irritating thing, right? Sometimes owners are confused and think does my cat insult me? Well, don’t worry catsbin helps you today to find the answer to this irritating question why do cats always show their bums to you?

To get the attention of owners cats usually uses this technique to say hello!. It’s a cat’s style to say hello. Funny right? It is also a sign they trust you. Cats have scent glands on the base of their tail they never show their backside to anyone. Cats use this area to scent mark you.

Why Do Cats Always Show Their Bums To You?

Why Do Cats Always Show Their Bums To You?

There are many reasons why cats always show their bums to you. Cats are wonderful creatures. It’s like a lady that no one knows what she wants. [Not take it seriously it’s a joke]. The first time when my cat do this thing, it was a surprise for me. Now, at that time I was also confused and thinks what she is doing? If I talk to you about the truth it’s a shameful moment for me.

Let’s talk about the reasons why cats quite literally will show their bombs.

Say Hello

The first reason is to say hello. A proper greeting felines will display their bombs to other cats to release pheromones from their scent

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The chemicals contain a lot of information. This is why that sniffing takes place. Cats get a reed on each other. In this way and when your cat points its rear to you this is your pet’s attempt to provide you with the same information.

Who are you tell me your story cat raises its bum something along those lines.

Desire For Attention

Your cat knows that displaying its bomb will get your attention. There’s a good bet that your cat is doing this because it wants something attention sure but likely something a lot more specific.

Pets primarily use many techniques to get the attention of their owner. Because they want their owner pays attention to them.

If you just don’t enjoy this physical display just ignore it. But, just ignore it. It won’t be long before so that your pet realizes that this type of display just isn’t working in terms of attention.


Another reason for this posture is trust. While it’s very common or fairly common that its belly exposure is a sign of trust.

I think most of us know that is this bum pointing effort. In short, your cat doesn’t view you as a threat that’s obviously a good thing and while I just like this entire topic this bum showcase is also a sign of love.

I mean let’s think of it this way given the choice between the bum posture and getting clawed by your angry cat you know things could be a lot worse.

Scent Mark

Why Do Cats Always Show Their Bums To You?

Another reason for the bum showing and the final one that we’ll mention here and you’re probably thinking thank you, thank you the final one! It is scent marking. We mentioned this a bit earlier while speaking about the act of communication.

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While the scent from the anal glands will go unnoticed by us. Your cat knows and so will other cats you’ve been marked you are mine. It’s also common for cats to rub their ears against people they want to claim.

Here again, while it’s a bit off-putting to us this is all yet again a sign of contentment and affection.

All those good things.

Why Do My Cat Lift Her Bum And Meowing?

Why Do Cats Always Show Their Bums To You?

As I discuss above lifting the bum is a sign that your cat calling you or wants to get your attention. If they want something from you and you don’t pay attention to them then they do that thing and meowing.

Not Paying too much attention is the treatment for this. If next time your cat does this ignore it. this is the only way you can treat it well.

Is It Bad If My Cat Puts Its Bums In My Face?

While it is not bad. It is not. well, I guess it depends. It’s generally speaking it’s not bad if your cat engages in this behaviour. Because as we mentioned all the reasons are very positive. There is indeed a fine line between a good sign and frankly something that you just do not want to see.

Like so many things within the feline world, it’s all about understanding. Cats rarely do anything by accident even things that seem totally bonkers to us do serve some level of purpose.

If you’re a cat or if you want to uh have your cat turn its bum you know just slightly away from you so you don’t have to really see all that. And it’s really just as simple as moving your cat. Pick your cat up turn it and that’s that.

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Anything more such as a verbal response met with food or affection or attention of any sort really will cause your cat to likely do it all over again.

Once your pet realizes there’s absolutely nothing to gain it’s in your attention there’s a good chance they’ll stop.

Final Words

Before we close things out this is obviously a bigger issue for some owners compared to others. I’m sure many of you are watching this and thinking did he make all of this up. Cat’s bums to the face what’s this all about? While others might be thinking yep! Cat does this all the time heck my cat’s doing it right now as I watch this blog.

Well, this was a weird topic. I’ll give you that although now you know the reasons why cats do this and as they say whoever they are knowledge is power.

So, the next time your cat raises its bum to you just know that you now have the upper hand in this situation. You’re not going to be fooled again.

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