Why Cats Tearing Up Toilet Paper? Why Does It Happen? – Does your cat shred toilet paper on a routine basis? In this blog we will explore the five most common reasons behind this behavior, the potential dangers of toilet paper consumption and what you can do to break this habit.

While the visual of your cat tearing through your toilet paper and using it as a toy rather than playing with the toys you purchased can be highly annoying. Getting to the root cause of this behavior is critical.

The sooner you can address the core of reason the quicker you can eliminate this habit. Now, lets start this interesting topic Why Cat Tearing Up Toilet Paper Why Does It Happen?

Why Cats Tearing Up Toilet Paper? Why Does It Happen?

Why Cats Tearing Up Toilet Paper? 5 Reasons

Let’s begin with the basics

Cats enjoy toilet paper because it can be manipulated has an interesting color, features, a unique texture and can seemingly move on its own.

Has your air-conditioner ever kicked on in your home and rustled the toilet paper on the little spool in your bathroom? Yeah! Well you can almost bet that your cat has seen as much if your feline likes to hang around your restrooms.

Why Do Cats Enjoy Toilet Paper?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the reasons why your cat enjoy toilet paper?

1. Movements

Why Cats Tearing Up Toilet Paper? 5 Reasons

The first of our five reasons in no particular order is movement. Things that move carry a certain level of attraction. Something they can seemingly move in the breeze or in your cat’s mind, move by itself must be stalked and attacked. Similar to a small critter in your backyard if it’s moving it must be hunted down.

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2. Color

Most toilet paper is white and white is an attractive color to cats. The wider the paper the brighter it looks to your feline. Almost like the paper is glowing. If something is glowing that will certainly give any cat’s attention.

While one could assume that a glowing white object would send a cat running for the hills. The opposite is true in most cases. The white glow the paper sends a cat into attack mode. When cats get their paws and claws on toilet paper the aftermath is not pretty. With attack mode engaged the toilet paper looks more like a ruptured pillow.

3. Texture

Why Cats Tearing Up Toilet Paper? 5 Reasons

Toilet paper is nice. It feels good. There’s a reason for that but that reason is for us. This is where another problem comes into play. Doesn’t it feel good to shred something that feels good? It’s the best of both worlds. If your cat could talk this would likely be its verdict. Easy to tear and easy on the paws and claws.

What did I ever do to deserve this wonderful paper (said the cat). This is one aspect of toilet paper that is very toy like and we all know that cats love a good toy.

4. Easy To Manipulate

Cats love things that move. Even better, cats can love things they can make move. If a cat is able to move something through basic touch your furry pal will have found a new hobby. Unfortunately for you you’re on the bad end of things when the new hobby is a brand new roll of high-quality toilet paper.

Another cool thing about your cat’s newfound white fluffy paper, it spins. Once your cat finds out that a few paws slabs can cause this object to spin, why on earth would it ever want a real toy.

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In all seriousness the spinning reminds your cat of prey. Movements whether caused by the AC or caused by direct manipulation serve as a trigger. This is the same reason why cats stop mice, they move. Mice and toilet paper everything is essentially one in the same as long as it’s in motion and it can be manipulated . This is why you’ll never see your cat slapping away at your refrigerator door, it doesn’t move. There’s no fun involved .

5. Lack Of Stimulation

Now that we’ve noted why cats like toilet paper? And why it’s so intriguing? The fifth and final reason is an interesting one. Is your cat drawn to toilet paper because there’s simply nothing else going on? While it is easy to joke that your cat has passed up its toys for some extra soft Charmin.

What if your cat has no toys? Felines are balls of energy. They live to play and need to play. If your cat has no other outlet then this is a problem in more ways than one and likely deserving of its very own blog if we’re being the oddest.

Toys are important but attention from you is just as important. Make it a priority to engage your cat several times per day. Pent-up energy must be released. If there is no positive outlet then your cat will select your property and belongings. Your roll of toilet paper could find itself on the receiving end of a lot of frustration.

Make time for your cat, this could save you a lot of cleanup time not to mention a lot of money.

The Dangers Of Toilet Paper

Why Cats Tearing Up Toilet Paper? 5 Reasons

If your cat consumes toilet paper then you could find yourself with a major issue on your hands. Toilet paper can cause a blockage within the digestive system. If your cat is unable to pass it during bowel movements you will need to consult a vet as soon as possible.

Craving toilet paper is usually the result of a larger issue known as pica. This condition involves the consumption of non-food items. Paper and plastic are two of the most notable. If your cat is tearing toilet paper with the objective of eating it this is a behavioral issue that must be addressed by a professional .

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How To Stop Your Cat From Tearing Toilet Paper?

Why Cats Tearing Up Toilet Paper? 5 Reasons

Now that many of the Y’s have been examined. Let’s discuss five ways you can stop your cat from tearing toilet paper.

1. Close The Bathroom Door

While this can seem like the obvious. Some people simply like to leave the entrance to their restroom open, especially depending on how the house is constructed. Shutting the door can be a game-changer, even if it’s a bit inconvenient .

2. The Use Of A Toilet Paper Guard

If paper is covered your cat will have no choice but to admire it from a distance. once your cat realizes the game is over he or she will likely forget about the restroom entirely. Remember toilet paper is only fun for a cat if they can touch it, tear it, and make it move .

3. Give Your Cats Treats And Pet Them For Doing The Right Thing

If you’re safeguarding measures are working be sure to reward your cat. What you can’t realize is that good things come from doing the right thing then your toilet paper will become a distant memory.

4. Toys

As noted earlier some cats select toilet paper over toys. However, some cats also slate toilet paper because they have no choice. If the latter is the case supply your cat with toys while also exercising some of the other safeguarding measures.

5. Scratching Post

This is a cheaper alternative to toilet paper and it will involve less destruction. If your cat just needs to release some steam it’s better for your cat to scratch its life away on a scratching post than to take all of its energy out on roll after roll of high-quality toilet paper.

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