Why Cats Sometimes Sleep In The Litterbox? As most kitty cat owners would agree it’s not an optimal thing to have a kitty cat sleeping in a litter box. There are a variety of reasons that cats decide to sleep in litter boxes.

Today we gonna talk to you about why cats sometimes sleep in the litter box? And How to keep your cat from lying in it’s litter box? There’s a couple reasons why your cat might be lying in its litter box?

Why Cats Sometimes Sleep In The Litter Box?

Why Cats Sometimes Sleep In The Litterbox?

Sometimes it’s simply because they like the cozy shape and the security of a litter box. Other times it may be because they’re actually frightened or scared.

So, if a cat has been drawn to a litter box, a lot of times providing a similar shaped box with no litter but a comfy blanket something with a nice cozy texture that a cat can snuggle into, will solve the problem.

In other cases sometimes the problem is actually more medical as to why cats sleep in a litter box and spend time there.

Kitty cats with diabetes or with urinary tract problems or difficulty urinating or kidney problems those cats will sometimes stay in the litter box because they constantly feel like they have to go.

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How To Keep Your Cat From Lying In It’s Litter Box?

There’s a couple reasons why your cat might be lying in its litter box?

If They (Cat) Are Feeling All That They’re Sick

First of those issues could be that they’re not feeling all that they’re sick. That something’s wrong. If that is the case or if you feel that could be the case then, I would like you to see your veterinarian for making sure that they have a clean bill of health.

However, if they do have a clean bill of health then it might just be that your cat is laying in his litter box because it’s cool in there. It’s a little bit cooler to lay on that litter than it’s say on a carpet or on a couch or on a bed.

So, you could create an area that’s tiled for your cat to lay on. Another option is to use a metal pan like this one in the below image for them to curl up and lay in.

Why Cats Sometimes Sleep In The Litterbox?

It won’t absorb heat like a blanket or towel will, so that way they’ll stay nice and cool laying in there.

If Your Cat Hiding From Something

Another reason that your cat might be hiding or might be hiding in its litter box or laying in its litter box is because it’s hiding from something. This creates an area of security for them.

Why Cats Sometimes Sleep In The Litterbox?

So, if you find your cat laying in this litter box like that (shown in the above image) then, you may want to offer it something where it can go hide a place where it can go hide and sleep in peace and quiet something like a carrier like this one (shown in the below image)

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Why Cats Sometimes Sleep In The Litterbox?

You can put a nice blanket in there and they can hide out put it maybe a towel over it and just let them enter through the front. You can also get a covered cat bed or you can go ahead and get a box and cut a hole in the side of it and let your cat go in and out of that.

That way he creates a secure environment for your cat to go hide and if they’re not getting along with your other cat or your dog or maybe they just need a place to go hide out for a little.

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Final Words

So, if you’re convinced that it’s not simply a behavior where they want a secure cozy spot consult your cat’s veterinarian and seek more help.

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