Today we’ll be discussing a very unique topic. Most often why cats eat their own babies after delivering them? You must be thinking, how a mother can eat up her own children?

Now you must be thinking.

Whether this is a normal procedure? Well, the answer is “YES”. There are several reasons cats do behave like this. And today I’ll tell you what are the reasons behind this problem?

Let’s begin

Why Cats Eat Their Own Babies after Delivering Them?

Why Cats Eat Their Own Babies After Delivering Them?

1. A Still Born Kittens

For example, let’s say if a cat has to deliver 7 kittens or 5 and if she has already delivered 2 kittens she thinks she has to deliver more kittens. Then it’s quite possible that the cat might start eating those 2 kittens.

Now you must be thinking why does this happen?

The cat’s trying to save her children. She thinks that she can take good care of the kittens she hasn’t delivered yet. She thinks that she can take good care of the kittens by providing them more milk and good nutrients. This may be the reason that your cat might start eating her own kittens.

2. Birth Defects

Why Cats Eat Their Own Babies After Delivering Them?

If your cat gets a miscarriage, the miscarriage happens after 6 weeks of pregnancy then your cat is most likely to show this type of behavior.

This is a normal process, cats usually do this. This is because Some scientists have to say that this is due to some psychological reasons. Cats show this behavior for the prevention of kittens.

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3. Mercy

Cats mercy there kittens. In simple words, the mother cat tries to save her kittens from predators or other cats or any animal that is nearby them or any type of animal near to cat. At this, she trying to save her kittens by feed her own kittens.

She thinks that any other species that is nearby them may harm them.

She may also mercy them by thinking that she may not be able to feed the kittens and can’t provide them with a balanced diet to the kittens that are yet to be delivered.

But this does not happen all the time. She may eat the kittens she had delivered first or she even may eat the kittens that she delivers later.

4. Threatened By The Predators Around Her

Why Cats Eat Their Own Babies After Delivering Them?

The 4th reason is that she’s threatened by the predators around her. Like we discussed in the 3rd point, that she save the kittens from other animals. She thinks maybe other animals like dogs.

Most of the female cats are scared from dogs. This problem in most of the stray cats and these cases are very rare in indoor cats.

It’s also observed that cats that deliver kittens for the first time are most likely to have this problem.

This is a very unique process for them because they had never delivered kittens before and they have no awareness on how she has to feed the kittens? And how to take care of them?

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5. Malnourishment

If your cat is weak and if you’re not able to provide her Vitamins, Minerals in a balanced diet then this might also be the reason that the cat would eat up her own kittens.

The only reason for this is that she would want to fulfil her nutrients. The cat would think that by eating up her own kittens she might fulfil her body requirements.

This is the reason we always say that whenever you find your female cat pregnant always take care of her diet.

6. Aggression

This is very normal in cats. Cats may start showing aggression before 1 week of delivery. This is because if you have more than one cats or you may have any other pet then she might show aggression to protect her kittens.

Final Words

Sometimes a cat may adopt aggressive behavior due to rejection. She might reject her kitten and stop feeding them milk. This is considered normal, especially if your cat is delivering kittens for the very first time like I told you before.

Some scientists have to say that this is a psychological problem or all the reasons that I’ve just mentioned.

I hope you have understood all the points.


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