Why Cats Don’t Mind Things On Them? You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it! Heck, there’s even a Reddit for it, Stuff on Cats! But you can’t help but wonder: why? How come cats don’t mind having things on them?

Before we start, if you’re into cat breeds and cat behavior, this website is all about that! I’m a cat lover and owner myself, and I love to write blogs about cats.

Now, let’s find out the answer to this weird cat behavior!

NOTE: First of all, it’s important to note that all the pictures you seen like the thumbnail of this blog are taken at a particular moment – when cats are tired or asleep. That’s right, if you would try this when Kitty is alert, your cat might not like it! She might even bite you!

So, if you want to try it on your cat, choose the right time!

Why Cats Don’t Mind Things On Them?

Why Cats Don't Mind Things On Them?

Well, back to the question, one of the reasons cats don’t mind having things on them is precisely the one I mentioned earlier i.e

They’re Sleepy

Cats love naps and are pretty good at it – meaning they sleep for approximately 16 hours a day. Yup, you heard that right! They go through sleep cycles just like we do.

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So, most likely, they’re just too tired to give a damn. Or to even notice!

How Cats Are Built

The second reason cats don’t mind stuff on them has to do with how cats are built.

Yes, they’re able to wake up in an instant when something dangerous comes up. However, they rely on their sense of hearing to detect dangers. And when cat guardians try this on their cats, they usually keep a low profile.

Thus, the cat doesn’t sense anything dangerous and goes back to sleep.

Another Reason: Has To Do With You!

Why Cats Don't Mind Things On Them?

Cats that act this way feel completely safe near their owners. After all, they’ve already gone through worse stuff that’s not in their nature.

For example, they’ve been picked up more times than they can remember, and nothing terrible happened!

So, even if your cat doesn’t understand your behavior, she knows you’re a weirdo and accepts you for who you are. Basically, your cat trusts you and knows you wouldn’t do anything bad to her!

But this isn’t all!

Besides being sleepy and feeling safe, there are two more reasons why cats act this way.

Weight Matters

One of them has to do with the weight of those items. Most of the pictures you see are with cats that have light things on them.

Additionally, that item’s weight is evenly distributed on your cat’s body. This means that your cat is not bothered by the weight of those items. Also, they’re most likely placed slowly and one by one – which surely helps!

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Moreover, the items placed on Kitty are most likely things she’s smelled before. Cats use their sense of smell to navigate the world, and that’s why they sniff everything.

So, all those things are familiar to Kitty, which makes her feel comfortable.

Should You Try It On Your Cat?

Why Cats Don't Mind Things On Them?

Why not!? Owning a cat means you can also have fun with your furry friend! As long as you don’t use heavy items or don’t use too many, this behavior is harmless.

In the above picture, I’d say there are too many items – so use only a couple at once. But please be careful – choose only lightweight items that are also safe.

Your cat may wake up and try to bite them unexpectedly, so you must ensure they cannot hurt Kitty.

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Don’t use any toxic items or strings. Also, choose things that are familiar to your cat – items she knows and has smelled before. In this way, she won’t get scared.

You can also try this with food!

It’s so much fun, and it also shows you how much cats rely on their sense of smell. And it’s undoubtedly a lovely way to wake up your cat, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Just make sure to not exaggerate, and only do this when it’s almost mealtime. Other than this, be sure to take a picture of those moments and share them on Reddit, so other people can have a laugh.

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