8 + Reasons Why Cats Are Considered Spiritual Teachers? – I think you’re interested to know this thing. Yes, if someone tells me about cats are spiritual gurus? I tell them yaa! Because I strongly believe this thing.

I am the owner of 2 cats from last 10 years and I always Judges them what they are doing. And in this blog I shared my experience with you and tells you Why I believe that cats are ultimate spiritual guru, So lets come to the topic and find out the reasons Why Cats Are Considered Spiritual Teachers?

8 + Reasons Why Cats Are Considered Spiritual Teachers?

Cats Are Considered Spiritual Teachers

1. They Meditate All Day Long

Cats are always in a deep state of meditation and odds are they know this from their intuition and it’s not something that they have to try very hard to do, they just meditate.

2. They Are Master Yogi’s

They are the best yoga practitioners ever. They know from intuition which poses will benefit their body, they stretch all the time and after meditation the best thing to do is stretch and cat knows this just some living life.

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3. They Just Go With The Flow

Nothing really seems to bother them and when they are bothered or in stress or whatever they seem to kind of just go with the flow and they just kick it most of the time, they’re pretty chill.

4. They Care For Their Own Kind

I always find my own cats licking each other, cleaning each other’s ears because they know that that’s the hardest place to get, cleaning each other all over the place and just making sure that they’re okay. They show each other lots of love which is what humans need to do more. of

5. They Practice Self-Love

Cats Are Considered Spiritual Teachers

Besides from cleaning each other, they always clean themselves and to be honest they’re kind of divas and not all cats are like this but usually cats are very proud in taking care of themselves and cleaning themselves and making sure that everything is all okay with themself first, which is the epitome of self-love.

6. They Love Nature

There is nothing that my cats love more than laying in a nice patch of sunlight or when I open the windows and they feel the nice cool breeze on their skin and their fur and they love to smell the different smells that come from outside, they love to chirp at the birds, look at the different bugs and the animals. Cats are so connected with the earth and Mother Nature and that’s pretty damn spiritual.

7. They Have Incredibly Good Focus

when they’re hunting something or in my case when my cats are just hunting a bug, they just love to focus on it or when you have a red dot or whatever you’re playing with, they are so focused and in that one moment. They’re always in the now in that present moment and when they pounce that’s all they’re thinking about, they’re so focused and that is from having a super still mind and being super zen.

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8. They’re Super Sensitive To Energy

If I’ve had a bad day or I am in a bad mood or someone comes around that doesn’t have the best vibes, they can tell. Animals in general are super sensitive to our energy, our moves, our emotions and they can tell how you’re feeling and they can tell if supplies are off, cats are especially good at this.

9. The Vibration Of Their Purrs Can Actually Heal Our Bodies

when I learned this, I was constantly just sitting next to my cast and they were purring and it actually feels really good very comforting and they use it as well to heal themselves, so I think that that is also the epitome of self-care.

Are Cats Protect Us From  Negativity?

Cats Are Considered Spiritual Teachers

According to virtual workers cats are very protective beans they give protection from negative energy, lower-level entities, any dark spirits, that has been sent from others.

How Cats Protect Humans From Spirits?

The reason behind this is cats have a very high awareness and they can see into the spiritual world. This is saying that cats live in both worlds because they can easily see into the spiritual world and the physical world at the same time.

If you have a cat and anyone goes to visit your home with any negative intention the cat will immediately stand next to you. This is to let you know that person has negative or ill intentions towards you, it’s a way of letting you know that person static a person to have around.

Another great thing about cats is, if someone has sent a spirit to harm you, the cat will see it and the cat’s aura expands wider than ours, so the cat is able to wrap the negative entity in its aura and absorb it that I will do this to protect you, also if while you’re sleeping there’s any psychic attack any spells any black magic being sent to you the cat will jump on the bed and sleep with you in order to protect you.

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Most of the people don’t believe in spirits as well as black magic, if you also then I say one thing, it’s totaly depends on you there is no person who proved you these things. Dogs are considered best from centuries but now cats are also winning owners heart who live in apartment or small homes.


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