Why Cat Sneezing? Ah, cat sneezing-perhaps the best adorable voice, but is it worth paying attention to? or Is A Cat Sneezing Serious?  As same as human beings, cats also suffer from colds, upper respiratory and sinus infections. Although, there are such other conditions that can cause your furry little pet to suffer from sneezes. So let’s come to the topic Why Cat Sneezing? Is A Cat Sneezing Serious?

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Why Cat Sneezing A Lot? What Are The Reasons?

Why Cat Sneezing?

Here are the reasons why cats sneezing:

  • A simple itchy nose becomes the cause of sneezing
  • Harmful odours become the cause
  • Dust as well as airborne particles
  • A foreign object can also become the cause such as a piece of grass, hair and many more
  • A respiratory infection can also become the cause
  • Inflammation of the nasal cavity and/or sinuses

Should I worry About My Cat Sneezing?

Why Cat Sneezing?

If your cat shows above causes, there may be no reason to worry about sneezing here and there occasionally-maybe something in the air stimulates her nasal ventilation.

If It’s Not As An Occasional What To Do?

Look for patterns if it’s not as an occasional situation such as:

  • Is this thing occurs at the same time?
  • Is this occurs only in a certain room or family occasions?

At this, you can know the exact reason whether your furry baby is sneezing due to an irritant (like perfume as well as dust), or due to an infection or other type of disease.

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If you find that your cat sneezes more often while at that time when you clean your bathroom or after doing his/her business in your’s bathroom, so it might be that the cat has reacted to chemicals inside the cleaning products or dust in the garbage.

When Should I Worry About My Cat Sneezing?

If your furry baby sneezes much more and you find that his/ her nose or eyes discharge and your furry baby is facing from low on energy and appetite, so at that time you may need to worry about your cat. It is a signal that your cat has an upper respiratory infection or other underlying diseases that might require care from a veterinarian.

When We Go To Vet?

Why Cat Sneezing

If furry baby sneezes sometimes without the other symptoms or very mild symptoms, then at that time you can wait a one or two days and just monitor the changes.

If sneezing is keeping on or is accompanied by other symptoms, then at that time you need to go for a veterinarian for diagnosis as well as treatment.

Is This Really Important?

Especially important at that time when your cat stops eating. Due to the dropping of flavour or even smell and the inability to breathe, the dropping of appetite is an ordinary signal of upper respiratory disease in cats. Such conditions also become the cause at the time of swallowing.

As a comparison with the body of humans, which may survive for weeks or even months without eating, but if we talk about a cat, cat’s body can go in starvation only in two-three days. This can lead to a serious and potentially fatal disease called fatty liver disease.

Intravenous fluids and other nutritional support are usually needed in this case for immediate treatment, and then any required recommendation, such as anti-nausea drugs, antibiotics and appetite stimulants, are prescribed.

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Causes Of Sneezing In Cat, Briefly?

Your vet may initially suspect the causes based on an examination of your cat’s symptoms if your cat sneezes frequently. Infection is one of the main causes of sneezing. In most of the cases, the vet takes a swab from the throat, mouth, eyes or nose and confirm whether it is infected or not by sending it to the laboratory.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Upper respiratory tract infections are often referred to as “common cold” or “cat flu”. If we talked about Sneezing it’s an ordinary symptom of upper respiratory tract infection (URI) in cats. Although not common, they can be viruses, bacteria or even fungi.

These kinds of infection can last from 1 month in most of the cases.


Common symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections in cats include:

  • Sneezing repeatedly for hours or days
  • Abnormal discharge from the nose or eyes looks clear, yellow, green or bloody
  • Coughing or swallowing repeatedly Drowsiness or fever
  • Dehydration and/or decreased appetite

Nasal and Sinus

Nasal and Sinus infection in cat

Cats may also suffer from inflammatory diseases such as rhinitis and sinusitis. Rhinitis is the inflammation of the nasal mucosa, we all know it is “nasal congestion”, sinusitis is inflammation of the lining of the sinuses​​​.

These two issues most of the time occur together in cats, also know as “sinusitis” and are common complications of upper respiratory tract infections.

Chronic Respiratory Diseases

Chronic Respiratory Diseases hd images

If your cat Frequently sneezing then it may also be the caused by chronic respiratory diseases. Chronic rhinitis is ordinary and in result the permanent damage to the immune system and nasal passages in most of the cases.

Are Allergies Becomes The Cause Of Cat Sneezing?

As same as humans, allergies are not an ordinary reason for sneezing in cats, if we compared this with a human then we estimate. Symptoms mostly appear in the form of skin irritation like itching, lesions and loss of hairs. However, most of the cats may experience other symptoms, like watery eyes, itches eyes, coughing, wheezing and sneezing.

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This condition is called “hay fever” in humans and is called allergic rhinitis. If the symptoms are caused by outdoor pollen (such as pollen), it may occur seasonally; if it is due to indoor allergens it may occur throughout the year.


Well, it is a fact that prevention in every case, then I also suggest you after taking much more steps, you can become capable to keep your feline healthy and avoid sneezing completely.

For me, the best way to prevent your feline from certain viruses is, to vaccinate cats on a schedule recommended by your home veterinarian. If you are not sure about the health of your cat, call your family veterinarian. That is the purpose of the doctor!

Natural Treatment For A Common Cold And Infection In Cat

Why cat sneezing

Things you can do at home if you can’t get into your vet soon enough.

you can take them into the bathroom when you shower and some of the steam will help break up that congestion.

you can heat their food up because that makes it easier for them to smell, and use something really stinky like tuna or wet food and that may increase their appetite.

Something else that’s equally as important is, make sure that they’re drinking because we can’t have them getting dehydrated.

9+ Powerful Tips For Cats To Drink More Water and Makes Them Healthy

Most importantly take them into your vet. In this way, the vet can make sure that if they need antibiotics then the vet can give them.

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