Top Secret Behind Why Are There Lots Of Cats In Hawaii?

This is a surprise for me when I first listen about why are there lots of cats in Hawaii? Pure ecstasy and a little touch of heaven, this is Hawaii. And deep within this glorious paradise, there’s a feral cat problem or a rather significant feral cat problem.

Hawaii wouldn’t seem like a hotbed for cats. The feral cat population is so great and so concerning that, the issue has become serious. After becoming a serious issue it is splashed across the front page of many news outlets both within the state of Hawaii and across the united states as a whole.

For a point of reference as to just how severe this cat problem has become over the years I mention a you-tube video at the end for you. let’s start this interesting topic Why Are There Lots Of Cats In Hawaii?

Why Are There LOTS Of Cats In Hawaii?

Why Are There Lots Of Cats In Hawaii?

How Did This All Begin And What’s Really The Issue Here? How did one of the most treasured spots on the map become ground zero to millions of feral cats? Essentially free to breed and run amok with no significant threats or deterrence.

Cats were brought to modern-day Hawaii from Europe, during the mid to late 1800s often used as a travel companions to keep rodents at bay. And with essentially nowhere for these cats to go upon arrival given the unique geography, and is mentioned with no major predatory threats feral cats begin to roam free and reproduce.

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As for food, these ferals begin to take advantage of over the course of many years. The small and treasured animals that are native to the islands. And it is largely for this reason as to why Hawaii’s cat population has garnered so much attention, not only on the islands but far beyond.

As for the state as a whole, it is largely considered ground zero, not only for feral cats but also unfortunately extinction.

Why Are There Lots Of Cats In Hawaii?

Well, over 400 species are either threatened or endangered. Some of which are considered high alert and are critically endangered. And Hawaii’s feral cats sadly often get the best of these species, primarily birds. In terms of being proactive spaying and neutering are encouraged. And let’s not forget the state of Hawaii is home to many wonderful cat owners.

Keeping domestic cats away from the feral population is very much encouraged.

If you have to part with a cat never dump it. Take it to a shelter or sanctuary. The latter is a wonderful place where cats can stay and receive plenty of affection, food, water and shelter. All the while being kept away from the beautiful yet endangered animals on the islands.

Is It True There Are So Many Cats In Maui?

Why Are There Lots Of Cats In Hawaii?

Cats are beautiful and it has both aggressive as well as abrasive qualities. Cats were introduced by humans to the Hawaiian islands. According to the survey, there are 5,00,000 cats on Maui island and thousands of these are feral cats.

Are Cats An Invasive Species In Hawaii?

Yes, cats are invasive species in Hawaii and provide risks to other native birds and reptiles on the island of Hawaii. They become a threat to dozens of endangered mammals birds. According to the report they have contributed to the extinction of at least 33 native island species and become a threat to others.

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What Do Feral Cats In Hawaii Eat?

Cats are natural hunters and now becoming more popular than dogs because they do sniff too. As I mentioned above they become a threat to others includes native birds and insects (Hawaiian petrels), Newell’s shearwaters and Koloa ducks.

For a point of reference as to just how severe this cat problem has become over the years below I mention a you-tube video for you.

KHON2 News – Controlling The Feral Cat Population With The Hawaiian  Human Society







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