Why Are Cats Naturally Attracted To Me? Are You Handsome?

Are you a person who thinks why are cats naturally attracted to me? I think you are handsome enough and if you are a girl you are pretty enough. You’ve read the title and now the question really is where do you stand? What is your ranking? We’ve all heard the expression you’re a chick magnet. Well, are you a cat magnet? Are you making all of your friends so very very jealous? Okay, while this is not exactly the dating scene, I mean it’s sort of the same.

Why Are Cats Naturally Attracted To Me?

Why Are Cats Naturally Attracted To Me? Are You Handsome?

Do you have that swag that just attracts the cats whether you really like it or not? I mean, it’s a thing a very real thing in fact. And for as much as some honest cat lovers try and they try, a random person with no interest at all in cats could have better luck, a better connection, that cat that you’ve been trying to cater to. They could just be drawn to someone else, so well maybe it is like the dating scene after all.

This can happen quite often within a home environment. So, what’s exactly the secret behind this?

Well, let’s break it down right quick because frankly, it’s rather basic.

Why Are Cats Suddenly Attracted To Me?

Why am I a cat magnet? Are you feeling confident about it or it’s irritating you? Well, is it a runner chaser game or it’s something else? It was a joke!

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Don’t be confused about what attracts cats to come to you. There are many reasons behind it. Let’s discuss and understand.

How Scent Plays A Role

Let’s start with scent. Means your scent. How do you smell? Do you smell like food perhaps? Did you just have a cheeseburger before the cat in question found you that could have something to do with it? Do you smell, let’s say safe? Is there something about your scent whatever it is, that makes cats feel comfortable.

In truth, the smell attraction is more about good luck. It’s nothing that you’ve really done some cats probably just dig the way you smell or your scent. And if you’re a cat lover I guess congratulations are in order safety, security and trust it can all be wrapped up in your scent.

Do you aware of the fact that cats have favourite blanket? There are many reasons behind it for eg. Texture, colour and many other things but the scent is also a big factor.  If cats like your scent it attracts to you naturally. You can compare it with how flower attracts bees. and in the eyes of catsbin you are not less than a flower.

How Body Language Attracts Cats Towards You

Why Are Cats Naturally Attracted To Me? Are You Handsome?

Now, what about body language and personality. Those are important right? well, absolutely! How do you walk? How do you talk? How do you move your hands or how you don’t move your hands? Some cats can feel intimidated by the basic things and even the most simple things. The way you move and the way you act. Are you loud? Are you quiet?

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When it comes to natural attraction sometimes as in the dating game, blesses more. Many times cats are interested in folks who do the least. Of course, I’m not talking about food and water I’m talking about the least amount of drama. You can also say, the least amount of theatre.

Cats generally speaking are not fans of high-energy people, which can give off a vibe of distrust and anxiety.

Quick Question

Is someone in your home always attempting to pick up the family cat, talk to the family cat, occupy the cat’s space all in an effort to get the cat’s attention and affection? Has it failed just time after time?

Here’s another question: Is this same cat in the same home drawn to someone else who just doesn’t really care, totally indifferent right? Is the cat drawn to that person if the answer is yes hmm! That’s right. Sometimes less is in fact more.

If you personally have the Midas touch when it comes to cats it could be due to your indifference. A relaxed posture, calm body language and a soft voice. If you’re not threatening that’s obviously a good thing in the eyes of your cat because that’s what cats are looking for, especially if you’re talking about a new cat in a new home.

About Controlled Compassion

Why Are Cats Naturally Attracted To Me? Are You Handsome?

The final cat magnet trait that we’ll talk about today is what I like to call controlled compassion. If you’re calm and quiet have a pleasing smell and a relaxed body language yet you have proven yourself to be a provider.

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You could become a cat magnet in a very short time. If your cat or any cat for that matter knows they can depend on you for those essential needs well, it’s game over friends. That cat will probably travel with you to the moon if there’s a open seat available.

I spoke earlier about how many cats are attracted to those who do the least. If you possess this quality yet your positive actions are always in service of the cat well, you have won the lottery.

Final Words

Always remember the positive traits that often bring people together can be turn-offs for cats. Warm, open, big personality, life of the party that could make you a chick magnet but it could also cause your cat to hide behind your sofa.

Remember once again, “less is more”.

Cats are looking for peace and security. They’re not looking for a super bowl Sunday atmosphere. You want to become a cat magnet you say. Well, perhaps tone it down just a bit. Don’t chase your cat let your cat chase you. Let them initiate the contact the engagement.

If you are calm cool and collected and the server of wet food, once again lottery winner.

Tell us about our thoughts. Have you personally become a cat magnet? Can you teach a class on it?

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