We will be talking about which food will you have to provide to your older cats or senior cat. And which food would be best for older cats. And if you’re using dry food then what are all the ingredients that must be present? Which things you have to avoid so that your cat does not get into any problem?

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Which Food Would Be Best For Older Cats?

Which Food Would Be Best For Older Cats?

First of all, if you are using any dry food then use it of a good quality brand because senior cats have a lot of issues like arthritis. Apart from this, the coat does not remain fluffy it can be a kidney problem or liver problem. Apart from this, the cat can get dull, so it’s better to use such food which fulfils all the requirements of the cat.

Always consult your vet and ask them which food is best for your cat?

But now we will talk about what all things you’ll have to take care? And which things are essential to be present in the cat food you are providing?

Big Antioxidant Level

In high oxidant level vitamin A, E & C are present. If you’re using dry food then these ingredients are mentioned on the packing, so it’s better to purchase such food which has all these ingredients.

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Some research says that you can use excess fat for your senior cat. This is because they do not remain much active and if they’re not taking a good amount of protein then you can use excessive fat because fats have double energy protein does. And if you do not use fat then due to digestability the animal may end up having diarrhoea or vomiting.

Adequate Protein

Which Food Would Be Best For Older Cats?

If your cat is greater than seven years in age then there is a capability of digesting the protein decreases. And if the cat is unable to digest the protein properly then the cat can have diarrhoea because they issue of digestion can be due to protein.

Either it’s beef mutton are you are using protein from any vegetable source or you’re using chicken, this issue can develop even from the protein present in the egg as well.

So you will have to observe this on your own that what source of protein is your cat allergic too. And whether your cat is capable of digesting the protein properly or not.

Low Phosphorus Diet

If you provide your animal with a low phosphorus diet then, this can develop kidney issues in your cat.

The function of the kidney is to clean the blood of the body and balance the electrolytes present and to filtrate all the waste and excrete it from the body. If the kidney is not functioning properly then many changes can occur in the body and your cat can be severely sick.

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Omega-3 And Omega 6 Fatty Acids

Which Food Would Be Best For Older Cats?

It’s the same thing I’ve told you in the fact that fats are very important for your animal fat consists of omega-3 Omega six fatty acids which are essential for your cat because the issue of arthritis is very common in senior cats.

If the cat is diagnosed with arthritis then the cat won’t be able to walk a lot. Similar to humans if you are an old age then you won’t be able to walk and run a lot. Similarly, as age of the cat increases the issue of arthritis starts developing.

If you give omega-3 and Omega 6:30 assets to your cat then the issue of arthritis can be limited to a great extent can provide omega-3 and Omega 6 acids from any oil such as coconut oil, or olive oil or fatty acids are present in Pakistan officially on the pet stores in powder form and you can give that as well.


Palatability means that if your animal is capable of eating the food in a proper way or not. If the animal is eating dry food you must continue it.

If the animal is eating homemade food you must continue that, but you must keep this in consideration that you’ll only be using the food which is good for your cat and your cat is eating it. Use palatable food which your cat can digest easily.

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Apart from this, you must consult your vet about all this I’ve told you all the things which were essential for you to know what if any issue or disease is going on in your senior cat then only your vet would be able to diagnose it. And then only the vet can give you the guidelines according to the feed.

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