Where Do Cats Goes When It Rains? – It’s likely common knowledge that cats are no fans of water and getting wet. Sometimes these situations simply cannot be avoided. This is most notably true when your cat is caught outside in the rain. Have you ever stepped outside and called for your cat during a rainstorm yet received no response at all? Where’s my cat? And you think about Where Do Cats Goes When It Rains?

Well if you’ve ever wondered where your cat goes during rainy weather, then this blog is for you. So lets talk about this interesting topic Where Do Cats Goes When It Rains?

Why It’s Important To Know Where Do Your Cats Goes When It Rains?

Where Do Cats Goes When It Rains?

If you know where your cat goes that enhances your chances of getting their attention and most importantly getting them to come home.

It’s important to know where to look because there’s a good chance they much rather be with you, instead of hiding from Mother Nature. Rain is more than just uncomfortable, rain can leave your cat cold, miserable and potentially sick. Additionally there is a chance that your cat could become somewhat stranded in its hiding location.

This is all the more reason why knowing where your cat could be is so vitally important.

Where Do Cats Goes When It Rains?

Below I mentioned some popular places where do cats goes when it rains? While the list could certainly be endless if you really wanted to get down to the heart of the matter. However, within your cat’s favorite hiding spots, there are certainly places of shelter that are more common and more popular than others.

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Regardless of your personal living space your neighborhood whether rural or suburban, some locations do share a common thread it is within these locations that popular hiding spots during rain events become more noticeable.

In no particular order we’ve defined seven locations that your cat could be hiding when Mother Nature opens the sky.

1. Garages And/Or Garden Sheds

If these locations are opened or unlocked, there is a good chance that your cat will make a run for these covered areas. They’re easily accessible and in the case of a garage the task requires no work other than running through the open door.

2. Hiding Under A Vehicle

Where Do Cats Goes When It Rains?

If your cat is caught on the street in a thriving neighborhood chances are there are no shortage of parked cars. This includes your very own vehicle. If the weather has turned a bit raining there is a chance your camp will hunker down under a vehicle until the storm passes.

3. Hiding In A Tree

Well this is not very common for the most obvious and logical reasons. Some cats will seek shelter in a tree if no other options are immediately available. It really depends on your cat’s location and when the rain begins.

If a tree is thick enough and has enough coverage then your furry pal could hide up until the coast is clear.

4. Cover Under A Bush

Similar to hiding in a tree, your cat could decide to take cover in a bush. This is especially true if you have a lot of growth around your property. Hiding in a bush is actually quite wise and some areas are so thick that your feline can stay completely dry and comfortable.

5. Hiding In A Shop Or Storefront

Depending on your living situation and surrounding areas, your cat could seek shelter in and or around a public business. Shops and storefronts can provide shelter from the rain any building with a large awning can run blocker against a traditional rain event.

6. House Hiding

Your cat could be at your neighbor’s house a stranger’s house or actually in their house. Some cats are bold and will walk through any open door if they are confident enough or if the weather is really bad and they’re scared enough. If you have a tight neighborhood community it’s possible that your feline is warm and cozy in the house next door.

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7. Porch Or Patio

Either your own or someone else’s, depending on the design of your porch or patio and especially what’s on it your cat may find the area quite appealing. If your cat has decided to seek shelter on your own property in this manner, you can probably just open the side or back door whichever door leads to the patio and simply let your cat inside.

There’s a good chance that your feline will leave the sheltered area and make a quick dash indoors.

It’s important to note that some cats will simply wait out the storm they’ll find a dry location and then head home when it’s considered safe. If you spot your cat out in the rain but your feline is simply refusing to follow your lead don’t worry just relax.

Take a step back and let your cat control the situation.

Unless your pet is an immediate danger simply allow your feline to remain sheltered. Your four-legged friend will come out when the sky clears.

Why Multiple Eyes Keeping Watch Can Be Very Important?

Where Do Cats Goes When It Rains?

As a positive tip make sure your neighbors recognize your cat. This can help you immensely if your cat is ever trapped outdoors during bad weather. Your neighbors can contact you if they’ve seen your cat or perhaps have your cat.

Multiple eyes keeping watch can be so very important. It is also important to ask your neighbors to check under their cars and in their garages before heading out. This will ensure that any cat that is taking shelter is clear, safe and out of the way.

Bad things can certainly happen when cats become trapped in a garage or a car starts while a cat is underneath. Ask your neighbors to be proactive in this fashion and return the favor by doing the same for them if they have pets.

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Why Are Feline Scared Of Rain?

The feel of rain especially the sound of rain, works the opposite of how many people enjoy it for example do you personally enjoy the sound of rain on the roof? Do you like to fall asleep to the sound of rain?

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Those soothing sounds don’t play quite the same for a cat. The pitter-patter of rain sounds like a loud drum bang bang bang. This is the primary reason why most cats are fearful of rain . It’s not the feel so much in us it is the sound. This is often why cats will hide even when they’re indoors.

They’re attempting to escape the sound if possible. Thunderstorms make things all that much worse. when you couple natural rain sounds with the roar of thunder and the flash of lightning cats can become very afraid. This can lead to them hiding under your sofa or your bed.

How You Can Protect You Outdoor Cat From The Elements?

In our final section we’d like to address the strategies that you can implement if you own a cat that primarily stays outdoors. How do you protect an outdoor cat from the elements?

The goal is safety and security. You can achieve these goals by cleaning out a shed and using it as housing or making sure that your cat has instant access to your home without your manual assistance.

An example of this would be a covered porch environment. Making sure that your cat has fresh food and fresh water at the sheltered location is also another positive objective.

While your primary goal should be to get your cat indoors. Some cats cooperate better than others, this is why it’s always important to have a shelter plan and defined sheltered areas. It’s sort of the responsible way of meeting your cat in the middle, safe and effective protection while still being outside of your living room.

Well there are a few feline breeds that don’t really mind rain you should always be proactive. Cold rain can make your cat sick.

If you’re charged with the care of a senior feline that sickness could find your pet in a very bad state. Always take responsible measures to keep your cat safe.

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