What Is The Best Breed Of Cat For First Time Owners? If you want to become the first time Cat owner then this blog is for you.

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What Is The Best Breed Of Cat For First Time Owners?

1.Maine Coon

What Is The Best Breed Of Cat For First Time Owners?

A physically large cat with an even bigger personality, the Maine Coon is known for being super social, friendly and playful.

These cats are also make amazing travel partners, if you are one to wander. Some Maine Coons might even let you walk them on a leash and even play fetch.

They are easy to train, clever, adaptable and attract a lot of attention. The only drawback of this cat is that they don’t like being alone, but the easiest way to solve this problem is to introduce two cats.

2. Siamese

What Is The Best Breed Of Cat For First Time Owners?

I think, if curiosity did kill the cats, then it is a mystery that the Siamese cat is still present here.

The Siamese cat is curious and wants to know everything. However, they are smart and interesting.

In terms of cleaning and grooming, they are considered to be the best varieties for first-time owners, because short hair saves your effort. They love to talk more thats why, they have become good companions. If you pet them then you will never get bored in your house.

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3. American Shorthair

What Is The Best Breed Of Cat For First Time Owners?

This cat makes up 95% of all cats in the United States and comes in 80 colors and patterns and is the pedigreed version of the domestic short hair.

This breed becomes the ideal for first-hand owners who always want low-maintenance, independent, yet still loving and social cat play.

Another one more thing that makes them this cat so good is that, they are not susceptible to illness, so, at this it will save your money for these veterinary bills.

4. Scottish Fold

What Is The Best Breed Of Cat For First Time Owners?

These cats are known for their uniquely shaped ears, Sottish Folds are notorious for being loyal and curious.

They also love, being around the family members and love playing complex games. So, if you are big heart person, and  looking for a loving cat, then this cat breed is for your’s!

5. Sphynx

What Is The Best Breed Of Cat For First Time Owners?

If you keep avoiding cats because you don’t want to indulge in cat hair so, buy a Sphynx.

I know this hairless cat is little bit unique looking but they are more loving and you did not worry about grooming her.

These Cats are the most suitable for those who like to relax. They like to shrink with their masters in sweaters in the cold winter, and they like to stay away from the sun rays during summer falling in the living room. If you are looking for a laid-back and loving cat, Sphynx is for you.

6. Ragdoll

What Is The Best Breed Of Cat For First Time Owners?

If your family has other pets or children, Ragdolls are the best match for you. They’re well known for getting along splendidly with those animals that are already in your house, and also with young children.

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These cat loves simple games such as chasing point of the laser, string or feather. At the end of the day, they will be inserting themselves on you for snuggling and hug.

7. Exotic Shorthair

What Is The Best Breed Of Cat For First Time Owners?

Want the face of the Persian cat instead of grooming ? So, Exotic shorthair cats are the same. These cat is too friendly and cheerful. Exotic shorthair cats like to play and interact with their families, and occasionally like to do grooming sessions.

This breed is also ideal for owners looking for exotic touch and playmates.

8. Somali

What Is The Best Breed Of Cat For First Time Owners?

These are super active, playful, and extremely full of energy. They are easy-to-get pets and like to socialize with other people and animals.

If you have other pets, or live with many others, that would be great. They are completely capable of entertaining themselves, although they are more willing to be with their master, so the point is this, if you pet them, you never feel bored in the house of yourself.

9. Burmese

What Is The Best Breed Of Cat For First Time Owners?

These cats are well known because of there dog like qualities. Burmese like to remain around with humans like dogs.

Similar to Maine coon cat. They like to remain with their master and build strong bond with their master. These cats are considered curious, devoted and extrrmely intelligent.

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Some Factors You Need To Consider while Choosing Your First Cat

These are the best breeds if you want to get a cat, but you need to consider some factors when choosing your first cat.


Sometimes people want to go straight to a cute, fluffy and small kitten. You should get a kitten only if you have time to raise and train kittens. Unlike kittens, an adult cat will let you know what type of cat she is?

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The reason behind that, their personality has been fully developed and they are more relaxed and aware of any danger.

How often are you at home?

Are you working full time or never? Then you need to have a cat who doesn’t mind being at home alone. Since your kitty will always be miserable.

Do you have kids?

Children can be rough sometimes while show their love for cats. Out of curiosity, the child can grab the cat’s fur or tail, and even pull the cat too tight when hugging the cat. With this in mind, you need to get a calm cat breed. However, as long as your child is around the cat, they should be supervised.

Are there other pets in the house?

In case you have other pets in the house such as another cat or a dog, then you need to consider a cat breed that can quickly get along with other pets.

Do you need an outdoor or an indoor cat?

Most cats are indoor pets. However, if looking for a cat that enjoys spending some time outdoors, you will need to have a secure enclosure to make sure your cat does not stray.


Both male and female cats can make great pets. However, there are hormonal differences that affect their behavior.

For example, intact males usually wander, fight more and mark their territory. On the other hand, intact females can be vocal and most especially when in season.

Final words

If you don’t want to have problems, spaying and neutering is a must.

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