Today I’ll be discussing with you about a very important topic that what is the balanced diet for a cat? I’ve used this word in a lot of articles that give your cat balance diet, balanced food. Now, I thought why not I’ll give you an idea about what balanced diet basically is?

But before this I’ve already told you a lot of things about balanced food, about ingredients, about kitten nutritions. Apart from this I’ve told you about senior cats cat nutritions. Since, you can get to know about how can you keep your animal healthy.

Today’s topic is cats food and balance diet.

Let’s come to this interesting topic “cats food and balance die”.

What Is The Requirement Of Your Cat?

What is The Balanced Diet For A Cat

First of all you know about what is the requirement of your cat? Basically cat families like to eat protein source like chicken, mutton, beef and fish. I’ll suggest if you use to making homemade food then you’ll have to use about 50 to 70% of the protein source that can be either chicken, meat or anything.

How Can You Make A Balanced Diet And What Is A Balanced Food?

If you’re making a homemade food then what are the things you need to be careful? First of all you need to know what amount of protein you’re adding in it? And then you’ll have to check the protein source whether it has taurine in it or not?

Taurine is basically an Amino Acids. We can conclude this from an example that the bricks are the basic thing to lay the foundation of a home. Similarly many amino acids form up make a protein.

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So in simple words for protein taurine is an Amino asset which is very essential for your animal. It’s better to use such a food or protein search which has taurine present in it.

The next thing is that you have to provide your animal Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus.

Can We Change The Cat Food According To Stages?

What is The Balanced Diet For A Cat

Now, there are many stages in the life of a cat from kitten to adult, to maybe being pregnant or being on heat, or being a senior cat or may end up being a disease. Now these are all the stages. Every stage has a different food requirement.

I cannot tell you about all the foods right now because I don’t know the requirement of your animal right now. Whether it’s in a disease or not? What type of disease it is? What’s the intensity of the disease? And what’s the blood profile? And apart from this what’s the age? What’s the weight? And what’s the body mass? And what is the body score?

It all depends on the cat and on the food.

Check the Ingredients Before Buy Any Food Product For Cat

What is The Balanced Diet For A Cat

We were basically talking about balanced food like I’ve told you everything about protein and all. But, whenever you’re buying any food so you must read out the ingredients present in it on the packet. At this you can get to know what all ingredients you are providing to your animal.

You must read the packet as well so that you can get to know whether all the nutrients are present in it or not. At this your animal may remain totally healthy.

Always consult your vet that whatever food you’re using is beneficial for your animal or not.

How To Select Best Cat Food In Market By Reading Ingredients?

What is The Balanced Diet For A Cat

With all the different cat foods out in the market, today How’s a pet parent to know which is the best one for their cat? Natural, Holistic, Grain free and Breeds specific, the choices just go on and in reality no one pet food can claim to be the best.

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Picking the right bag of food for your cat isn’t so much about reading the label on the front but understanding the ingredients listed on the back of the bag. The first three ingredients are the most important as these are what the food will mostly be made of.


AAFCO (Association Of American Feed Control Officials). The voluntary body that suggests nutritional guidelines for pet food. States that ingredients in pet food must be labeled according to weight from most to least. This means that no matter How many ingredients there are in a bag of cat food? The first three ingredients will be what the food is primarily made of. If they are good then the rest of the food will be too.

The first ingredient should always be meat. Meat protein is the most expensive part of any pet food.

Meat, Meat Meal and By-Product Meal

What is The Balanced Diet For A Cat

Meat And Meat Meal

If the ingredient panel says chicken then that’s what it is chicken meat? Another ingredient may be chicken meal. Many people think that meat meals are bad but this isn’t true.

When chicken is cooked down into a cat food kibble, it can lose 80% of its weight due to the evaporation of moisture in the meat. The meat meal such as chicken meal is the chicken meat that is already dehydrated, so that it then loses none of its weight. In the manufacturing process. This creates a food with more meat protein.

By-Product Meal

For example, chicken by-product meal is an inferior source of protein. By-products are all the leftover pieces of meat like heads, feathers and guts feet.

Many companies claim that by-product meals are the same as meat meals but they aren’t that’s why they’re labeled differently. This is especially important for cats. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that they must eat meat to survive.

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Cats need more meat protein than dogs. If you have noticed that cat food is more expensive than dog food, this is why the meat protein in the food is always the most expensive part.

This is also why many pet food companies will try to substitute actual meat protein with whatever they can like corn, wheat or rice to cut down on the costs and make more money.

How Pet Food Company Use Tricks For Market The Product?

If a food starts with meat but the next ingredients are corn rice and/or wheat, then there is actually more grain in the food than meat. The meat may weigh more than the corn, rice or wheat separately but it does not weigh more than all of these ingredients together.

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Grain Appears In Good More Than Once In Different Forms

Another thing to watch out for is if a grain appears in a food more than once in different forms. For instance Wheat, Wheat middlings and Wheat gluten. Similarly for Rice, Rewers rice and Rice hulls. If you read this then you get the idea this practice is called ingredient splitting.

Cat food manufacturers do this to make the food appear to be healthy or mainly to meat. When it is in fact more grain than meat. This is done because grain is cheaper. Grain in and of itself isn’t bad but too much grain or grain disguised as meat protein is so.

when picking a bag of food for your cat take a look at the first three ingredients. They are the most important they should be a meat, a meat meal and a carb. If the first three ingredients in the bag of food that you feed your cat are top quality then he or she will live a long and happy life.



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