What Is FIV In Cats? – So here’s the situation, you walk into the vet with your new kitty and the vet is there checking them out, they say they want to run a few tests and one of the things they want to test for is FIV, so you nodding your head, yes, I mean they are the vet after all and in your brain, you wonder what that is? What Is FIV In Cats? well, today we’re gonna figure it out.

What Is FIV In Cats?

What Is FIV In Cats

If you are confused about what is FIV InCats? Well, FIV stands for feline immunodeficiency virus and it’s somewhat analogous to its human counterpart HIV. Also, I just want to say upfront in case there’s any worry, humans can be infected by FIV and cats can’t be infected by HIV, so no worries there.

FIV is classified as Lintivirus. As an immunodeficiency virus, FIV normally causes a weakening in your cat’s immune system. On the plus side, FIV is generally tolerated pretty well by cats.

FIV positive cats can live long normal kitty lives. They might take a little bit more monitoring.

How Does A Cats Get FIV?

Well there are a few ways, far and above

1. Deep Bite Wound

What Is FIV In Cats

The most common way a cat can be infected by FIV is by giving a deep bite wound from an FIV positive cat that is the biggest way by far and there’s just another reason why you don’t want your catfighting with other cats, I mean obviously one of many reasons like that’s obvious.

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Also, that might be why your vet wants to test for it if your cat did get in another fight with another cat and got a bite wound.

Another way kitties can get FIV is

2. Before Birth

FIV positive mama cats can actually transfer the disease, via blood while their kittens are in utero or after birth they can pass it to the kids via breastfeeding.

On the Brightside, FIV doesn’t really spread over much from social grooming, sneezing, sharing food bowl, sharing litter boxes that sort of thing but do note that this is not the case with FeLV feline leukemia virus that spreads much easier.

Can FIV Positive And FIV Negative Cats Living Together?

What Is FIV In Cats

But yeah! Since it doesn’t easily spread through kitties besides through bites, that means you can have FIV positive and FIV negative cats living together for many year’s.

Granted that is that those cats get along they aren’t fighting their big old Kitty pals that like to hang out and snuggle and watch Netflix you know that sort of stuff.

How Do You Know If Your Cat Has FIV?

Well if you’re tested by a vet via and Elisa test, also sometimes called a snap test. You probably already know, if not, well there aren’t too many obvious signs that are directly attributable to FIV, so chances are you won’t know.

The FIV status of your cat Is something that you should know, so if they haven’t been tested yet it’s recommended to do.

So okay a little bit ago I said that FIV kitties need a little bit more monitoring, so while FIV kitties can live a long full quality life it does take a little bit of watching in your part. FIV positive cats have compromised immune systems, so their immune systems are weaker and they’re naturally more prone to getting infections.

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A few key things to monitor for our upper respiratory infection, ringworm and dental disease. There are of course other things but those are a couple of the things that exist, especially dental disease I seem to see that a lot, so yeah while FIV itself doesn’t really have very many outward signs you nights see signs of it from other disease might symptoms and things like that but yeah if they well care for there’ll be healthy happy pets.

As far as vaccinations much like HIV from what I gather it’s pretty hard to make like a good effective vaccine, so one does exist but it’s considered a non-core vaccine and because of this it’s usually only given by a vet after like a discussion that has been had about like the risks versus effectiveness.

There are some advocacy groups recommend against it with the reason that from then on out a cat will always test positive for FIV and if they’re found by a shoulder they might be euthanized but I’ve also read that euthanasia is not usually called for on the FIV positive cat for this very reason, so take that for what it’s worth.

What Do You Do If Your Cat Is FIV Positive?

The 4 simple things you can do are:

  1. Keep your furry baby indoor
  2. Not Give Your Furry baby raw food
  3. Stimulate the immune system of your furry baby
  4. Control the parasite

Cats FIV Stages

What Is FIV In Cats

FIV gradually destroys normal immune function. Those felines which are exposed to the virus passes from 3 stages.

The 3 stages are:

  1. The Acute Stage – Lasts got 3 to 6 months,
  2. The Subclinical Stage – Lasts for months to years, and the final is
  3. Chronic Stage – which may also last for months or years.
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In the acute stage also called the first stage of cat FIV the infection have a mild illness (fever, intermittent lethargy, swollen lymph nodes and decreased appetite). Although, at this stage, a lot of feline recover without any treatment and rarely receive care from a veterinarian.

Then cats enter the sub-clinical stage. Although their immune function continues to decline, the virus causes CD4 + cells (white blood cells essential for maintaining normal immune function) to continue to decline. Although their immune function continues to decline, they remain clinical health status. As I talked earlier this stage lasts for months to years at this CD4 + cell levels are very low and the disease progress to the last stage.

What Are The Alternative Of FIV Vaccination?

It is a fact that prevention is the best medicine for all diseases, so the same fact applies here. This is the key thing for avoiding FIV disease. Therefore, even if the vaccine of FIV is no longer on the market. With the help of the following steps, you can protect your feline from this disease.

It is recommended that all cats need Spaying and neutering  . It helps ps to reduce fighting behavior, thereby reducing the risk of infection. In addition, to minimize the risk of encounters with FIV+ cat, keeping your cats indoors, which tend to live outdoors.

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Conclusion: Final Words On FIV In Cats

I always say one thing, Trust Your Vet. Your vet guides you the best thing how to deal it with this virus.

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