What Does It Mean When My Cat’s Ears Are Hot? Is It Natutal? Sometimes, this question confuse the owners, and make them worried about their cat. Generally, cats have higher temperatures than humans. Their normal temperature range is 37.5ºC to 39.1ºC.

Why My Cat Ears Are Hot? Important Points

What Does It mean when my cat's Ears Are Hot

Due To Allergy

If your furry baby (cat) ears are red, then your cat may be allergic. Your feline might also be allergic from food, bacteria, certain fleas, and some other things. The veterinarian may better understand what causes red ears.

Due To Fever

Cats with fever may have hot ears. If your furry baby (cat) ears are hot, then at that time you prefer to going to the vet for more examination.

Due To Infection

If the ear’s temperature is higher than normal, then the cat may be infected with various bacteria. Diseases like Otitis media may cause temperature changes.

Due To Heat Exposure

Your feline may have been sunbathing all the time, so the temperature will change. If you move the cat away from heat, the temperature may change within a few minutes.

Due To Regulation In The Temperature Of Body

The cat uses her ears for regulating the body temperature. Your kitty ears have more blood vessels, and they may become hot at that time, the blood circulates.

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When My Cat’s Ears Are Hot-What Should I Do?

What Does It mean when my cat's Ears Are Hot

If you suspect that your feline ears temperature is not normal, you can take the temperature of the kitty. You may also monitor your furry baby. If the temperature is still high, then  the cat can be taken to the veterinarian (for diagnosis).

You must treat it, if your kitty has fleas, ticks and other bacteria. Bacteria cause inflammation and make the feline uncomfortable. Your kitty may scratch itself to relieve away the pain.

Monitor the cat and determine the cat’s allergic food or clothing materials.

How To Clean Ears Of The Cat

What Does It mean when my cat's Ears Are Hot

Monitoring the ears of cats can allow you to grasp unusual trends. However, cats’ ears are very sensitive, so they should be monitored carefully.

While grooming, you can also check cat’s ears.

Always remember, avoid touching the cat ears. Only look the cats ears from outside and inside. Do not insert anything in your furry baby ears. At this you may hurt the cat’s eardrum. In addition to this, your feline may be uncomfortable.

If the cat’s ears are dirty, please see a vet. Do not clean them yourself, otherwise it may hurt and trouble your cat. A veterinarian may be more suitable for cleaning.

Conclusion : What Does It Mean When My Cat’s Ears Are Hot?

Monitor your cat in a routine, if the condition is not good then contact your veterinarian. The vet will helps your cat and treat them in a better way. If you don’t have professional knowledge then avoid touching cat’s ears because the cat’s ears are very delicate.

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Can you ever check the temperature of your cat?Share your experience in comments

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