What A Cat’s Sleeping Position Means? Everyone will agree that cats are very adorable but very mysterious animals and since they don’t speak our language. It’s very hard to understand what they’re trying to tell us or how they feel near us. If you want to understand your cat you will need to pay very close attention on her behavior but the best way how to start to understand your cat is to monitor way how she sleep?

So, you need to understand that cat sleeping position will tell you much more about cat than you think, so in this blog we will discuss about several most common cat sleeping position and explain their meanings. So, let’s come to the topic What A Cat’s Sleeping Position Means?

What Does It Mean When Cat sleep In Curled Up Position?

What A Cat's Sleeping Position Means

That means that you often see your cat curled up with her tail around her body and her head tucked over her chest. This is in wild very common protecting protecting position were cat trying to hide her vital organs.

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What Does It Mean When Cats Sleep In A Box?

There is something about cat in a box that makes human want to rush for the camera and make this memory to last forever. There is no doubt it’s cute but it’s also send message to you about your cat sense for safety and comfort. That means cat seeks out small spaces because they make them feel safe and box is perfect for that solely and have all smirk it can hide especially this is very common in situation where you have more than one cat.

What Does It Mean When Cats Sleep In The Closet?

What A Cat's Sleeping Position Means

This is very similar to get in a box sleeping position is cat in your closet, slipping on your clothes. This is something where cats trying to tell you how much you feel safe near you and when you are not nice you need something would belong to you and have your smell to make her feel calm and safe.

What Does It Mean When Cats Sleep With Their Belly Up?

As you know cat belly is the most sensitive part on cat body and when you see your cat showing her belly when she sleep, that means you fully owned your cat because she show you full trust and show you the most sensitive part of her body, giving you everything in your hands feeling the most safe staying with you.

So, when you see your cat sleeping with her belly up that means that she’s fully confident and full of trust sleeping near you and you need to understand this in very psychological way.

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When cat lay on her back it takes time that she changed position to be able to defend herself, so that means when she’s lay near you on her back she don’t expect that anything bad can happen to her because you are near, so that means cat fully trusts you.

What Does It Mean When My Cat Sleep On His Hand?

What A Cat's Sleeping Position Means

That means probably you know that there are some cat which are social influencers, I know it sounds weird but it’s true, so when you see cat sleeping with her hands let’s call it hands under her body that’s exactly that very and most common pose on social networks.

There is a background story about this sleeping pose actually translated literally it means that your cat doesn’t plan to sleep near you but it happens and she adore to sleep that way, so she will continue to sleep as long as she want.

What Does It Mean When Cat Sleep Paw Across Her Face?

Yes, it’s extremely cute but it’s not even close the meaning of the way how she sleep in that pose, that means that your cat simply doesn’t want to be disturbed. In that way kept trying to hide to get peace and sleep in comfort and Composition so when you see it sleep like that yes it’s cute but elated to sleep because she want to sleep.

What Does It Mean When Cat Sleep with Half Eyes Open?

Yes, this is very scary to see but when you see, your cat looking like, she is drunk. It doesn’t mean that she don’t sleep, she actually sleep but she’s so lazy to close her eyes fully.

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Don’t disturb her because trust me she’s sleep, doesn’t matter you can see how eyes open but what we think like I say already at the beginning of this blog it doesn’t mean it’s something what our cat is trying to tell us. So, the way how she sleep is the way how she communicate with us.

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More comfortable she feel and she looks like it means that you make her life more happy and comfortable to stay near you and if you recognize your cat in any of this pose, I hope it will help to understand your cat and that you will understand the way how she feel around you.

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