This article helps you to know about which Food Is Best For Your Cat? is it wet food or dry food. So, you can give your cat proper care. According to my suggestion, it’s a good thing to check it on the internet before giving any food to your cat.

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Which Food Is Best For Your Cat?

Wet Or Dry? Which Food Is Best For Your Cat?


If you search on the internet, you will find the pros and cons of both sides. After we got our cats, we fed them a combination of wet and dry food.

We noticed that they enjoyed the wet food more, but we also gave them dry food, to manage the costs. However, after a few months, we came upon sites that claimed wet food is better for cats.

The reasoning was that it resembles more with their natural prey, and contains lots of water, which of course, dry Food Doesn’t.

Is Excess Amount Of wet food Harm Your Cat?

Wet Or Dry? Which Food Is Best For Your Cat?

If you didn’t know, cats get most of their water needs from their prey, in the wild. So we did that. We switched them to a wet food diet, but then things got bad.

Bad for their teeth.

They developed, after a few months, tartar and gum disease, and needless to say bad breath. And the only way to remove tartar is to take your cat to the vet.

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Your cat will need anesthesia too, which of course can pose health risks for your kitty.

But Why Did They Develop Tartar?

Wet Or Dry? Which Food Is Best For Your Cat?

It’s because they weren’t able to clean their teeth anymore. Dry food, on the other hand, can do that, because it needs chewing.

So the mechanical action of chewing will also clean the teeth.


Overall, I think that a combination of both wet and dry food is best for your cats. In this way, the kitties will also get water from their food, while also cleaning their teeth.

You can, however, try toothbrushes for your kitty, if you decide to give your cat only wet food.

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