Types Of Turkish Angora – If you’re looking on the internet and seeing different images of Turkish Angora and you are wondering why they are so different? So, read this blog to know the answer and know about How To Select Best Turkish Angora?

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Types Of Turkish Angora? Why Turkish Angora Is Different For Each Other?

Types Of Turkish Angora? How To Select Best Turkish Angora?

Therefore, after doing some research on the Internet, you will find that the pictures of Turkish Angora may be very different from each other, so I think there are two reasons, and I think the main reason is our history, so any variety of Turkish Angora, the breed is constantly changing.

The breed has been genetically improved for many years, so we have selected the best cats in a certain period of time, and the standards of the organization have also changed over the years, so we are going towards a more beautiful, more elegant cat and you can still have a variety of cats in the world. Now, I think you know the reason why you see different types of Turkish Angora on the internet.

Extremes Of That Advancement

Types Of Turkish Angora? How To Select Best Turkish Angora?

At this, you can still have the extremes of that advancement because they are not extinguished to anything.

You can still find the cat that is less elegant or less extreme or less whatever, and I think it’s because, first of all, there are not so many breeders so, there are breeds that are much more modified than the Turkish Angora and in comparison, the Turkish Angora is pretty much stayed, close to its origins so we didn’t modify it genetically so much.

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So that means, you will have a probably healthier cat compared to other breeds like saying compared to Persian cat that originally didn’t have that flat nose and didn’t have that fur hair.

Every Hairy Cat Doesn’t Mean Turkish Angora

So, Turkish Angora is advancing as well and so, when you are seeing a picture of a very hairy cat, that doesn’t mean that it’s not Turkish Angora and it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the pedigree, it just that there are more elegant cats now and we are going toward that way and there are more slim cats, more modernized cat that will have, more extreme characteristics or features. so, we will like some features about the cat and we want to stress them.

So in future generations, we can generate like more of that feature if you like it.

There Will Be Like Different Shades Of Breeders

There will be like different shades of breeders. They will go towards one extreme or another one or they will be in between with all the shades of that or whatever that means. so, all the shades of grey in the middle. so you will be able to choose which type of Turkish Angora you would like best, either you go to one extreme or another one or either you want something in the middle or you would like more than in the middle but not so much as an extreme.

Where Your Focus While Selecting A kitten?

Most of the people confuse in this question How To Select Best Turkish Angora? So when you are selecting a kitten focus on whatever you like best and with your vote, we would know as breeders what would you prefer in the future, speaking generically, speaking in total.

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If you’re buying more cats that have more hair for example on their tail so, we would know that that is considered in a majority for the buyers as beautiful or if you’re going towards one extreme that is more elegant and that has more stressed, some other features, not like hair but some other features like eyes features or ears features of the cat or maybe a colour of the cat-like say you would like chocolate Turkish Angora or whatever colour you would prefer like grey with something, whatever.

It obviously has the breeder input in the Turkish angora cat’s breeding, like we would select our cats as we see them beautiful. so, you will see the breeders that will cross some cats and not others. so, they will obtain the beauty that they would expect and as they would search and so there will be their vision of the beauty and from the other side we will have your version of the beauty at the buyer.

So if you produce some cats that no one likes, of course, will not produce them for a long period of time. So it’s kind of working together with this and it’s kind of your vote and your decision ultimately.

Well, not only yours but also the breeders but it’s kind of going towards the future of Turkish Angora and when you select in your selecting the kitten, just see which one you like best as long as it is pedigreed and all that as long as it’s healthy and it has all the papers, just select based on the pictures or the videos or whatever, just select which one you like better or which one is the best for you.

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It’s Good To Have A Variety

Types Of Turkish Angora? How To Select Best Turkish Angora?

It’s good to have the variety and it’s good to have to conserve that variation or that variance in the middle like not going just one extreme or another one I think we all will enrich, we all will be richer if we include all types of preferences that people will have or the breeders who have so I wouldn’t exclude any breeders because they have that vision on Turkish angora cat.

As long as it’s up to some standard and as long as it’s pedigreed and when we are crossing Turkish Angora, white Turkish Angora with a coloured Turkish Angora.

Ware on the same page with some important stuff. I think each breeder can decide whether the long tail is more important than the hair of the cat or whether prefers longer ears to the colour of the eyes or whatever.


As for you, I would say go with your heart and just decide which one you like best and just go with it because around the world, you have so much to choose from you have such nice variety. There are regions and countries that will grow such beautiful cats and if you’re living far from there you can import and it’s such a nice feature If that all globalization thing that we can all connect and see which are the preferences and offer you the best kitten we can have.

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