Top Tips for Kitten Weaning? | Milk To Solid Form Scheduled

Top Tips For Kitten Weaning? Milk To Solid Form Scheduled? Weaning basically means when you stop mother’s milk and transfer the kittens to a solid diet. That is known as weaning. Today in this blog we will be discussing with you about kitten weaning. What is its schedule? What is weaning? And what all points you need to take into consideration before getting weaning.

I will tell you about all this in detail.

Let’s start

Top Tips For Kitten Weaning? Milk To Solid Form Scheduled?

As I described in the intro part when mother cat stops feeding milk and transfer their kittens to a solid diet it’s called weaning.

There are some points that how can you wean your kittens.

Gradual Changes In Food

The first point in this is the gradual changes in food.

You must always change your kittens food slowly. It should never be that today she’s in mothers milk and tomorrow you give him/her solid feed.

In scheduled let me tell you that, you must change your kitten’s food.

Nutritional Food

The second point is that you must give him/her a good nutritional food.

Like if you’re using any cat food then you must consult your vet, which cat food is best for your kitten or cat? And, which can fulfil his/her nutritional requirements?

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Warm Your Kitten

The third point is that you must always keep your kitten warm. So that he/she can always stay in a comfortable zone and would feel comfortable.

Weaning At Right Age

The 4th point is that you must start the weaning at the right age. What is that right age? Almost after 4 to 5 weeks, you have to start the weaning.

We don’t start this before 4 weeks because passive immunity is transferred from the mother’s milk into the kittens. Passive immunity means that some antibodies are transferred into the kittens bodies, because of which the kittens remain safe for lifetime from some diseases.

This is why you must keep the kitten on mothers milk for 4 to 5 weeks.

What is the schedule?

what all form of food you have to give means which all diets you have to give?

Let me tell you about that.

Provide Food In The Form Of Slush

First of all, at the age of 4 to 5 weeks, you have to provide food in the form of slush. Slush means like we totally crush some ice cubes it is known as slush form.

It is just like a liquid. This is what you have to provide from about 4 to 5 weeks.

Provide Food In Nibble Form

After about 5 to 6 weeks you have to provide food in nibble form. Nibble form means that you have to give small bites of chicken. Or you can give small pieces of cat food.

And from 7 to 8 weeks you have to give large bites. Like if you are using kitten food then you can give him.

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If you’re giving chicken then you can provide him which small pieces of it.


You can also consider the conclusion as the last point.

Must Remain Patience

If you give today the food and you think this is a work of 2 3 days, this is never the case.

You will have to keep some patience your kitten would slowly definitely come to weaning. And would convert to solid food easily.

In case if you make a mistake that from mother milk you suddenly change the diet and the cat’s stomach gets disturbed then you should immediately consult your vet.

The reason for this because severe consequences may occur. If you didn’t consult your vet then Diarrhea may occur and when diarrhea occurs the immune system gets low due to which any disease may also attack.

I hope you must have liked this blog.

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