This blog helps you to know about Top 5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Cat. Cats really need low-maintenance, however because of this when it comes to taking care of cats, a lot of things often get overlooked and that’s we are going to be talking about.

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Top 5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Cat

1. Ignoring Hairballs

Top 5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Cat

Any cat owner knows all about hairballs. Now as many of us already know that  cats are self grooming, when your cats hacks at the hairball in all honesty that’s kind of gross and annoying to clean up.

A way to lessen those experiences is to give your cat a helping hand, when it comes to grooming. The more you brush your cat’s hair the less it will ingest. so there will be less hair balls to clean up.

Now obviously the hair balls aren’t going to go away altogether but, this will definitely help.

2. Skip Flea Treatments

Top 5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Cat

You may think, since your cat is an indoor cat they don’t need to be protected from outside elements so, there’s no way they can catch things like fleas or heart worms but believe it or not, a lot of dangerous things for your cat can enter your house pretty easily for example:

When it comes to fleas you can actually be a carrier and bring them into your house without even knowing it. If you visit a friend with a cat or dog who has fleas then they could just jump on your clothes and hit your eye to your place. There are a lot of products out there that keep your pets flea and heartworm free so there’s really no excuses, also if your cat does happen to contract heart worms it can lead to being fatal so yes, very important to get those treatments in.

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3. Neglecting Dental Hygiene

Top 5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Cat

Dental hygiene with animals is so important and yet something we usually neglect, however cats more so than dogs hate it when people try to touch their teeths, however plaque buildup will eventually turn into tartar which as you know could lead to tooth loss in the coming years.

It’s important to brush your cat’s teeth daily to avoid gum disease and tooth decay and no dental health treats are not going to cut it.

4. Neglecting Vet Visits

Top 5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Cat

Just like yearly doctor’s visits are important for us similarly vet visits are important for your pets. Even if your cat is healthy and seems fine they can still experience subtle health shifts and while we might not be able to notice this vets definitely can.

Some things that you might not catch on – but are better to be caught earlier would be poor vision and kidney function, so even if you think everything’s fine it’s always best to get a professional opinion, especially since cats are actually masters at concealing illnesses.

5. Outdoor Unsupervised

Top 5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Cat

Yes this is more of an obvious one but you may be surprised at how many people actually just let their cats roam around outside whenever they please. They refer to them as outdoor cats now obviously you want your cat to be able to explore and be free but at the same time you need to keep them safe.

Sure the last few times you let your cat out and everything was fine right well perhaps the next time your cat will see a squirrel and try to chase it.

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Your cat could then run so far away that it will no longer be able to find its way back home or worse they could dart out into traffic and get hit by a car.

If you want to bring a cat on the side then your best bet is to put them in a cat harness attached to leash and bring them outside yourself. This way they still get to explore a little, well still being reassured by your presence and you can have peace of mind.

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