This blog helps you to find out Top 3 Best Cats Breeds For Cudding. As a cat owner myself and know how soft and cuddly they can be but every cat is different and it might surprise you to know that some cat breeds are known to prefer affection more than others. so if you want a really cuddly cat might want to keep an eye out for these breeds. Although any cat really will be the perfect companion over time.

Top 3 Best Cats Breeds For Cuddling

These cats may adjust more quickly and cuddle with you a little bit more.

1.  Maine Coon

Top 3 Best Cat Breeds For Cuddling

These long-haired cats are known for their affection and loyalty. They might even run up to greet their owners when they come home. Based on these behaviors the Maine Coons have become known as the dogs of the cat world. unsurprisingly this breed of cat makes a great companion for dog owners.


2. Rag doll

Top 3 Best Cat Breeds For Cuddling

Rag dolls are sociable cats that flourish in environments with other pet friends and people. As their name suggests they are known to be sweet laid-back felines and they’re often as lovable and playful as kittens. They also enjoy cuddles from their owners and everyone really. Kissing and cuddling a ragdoll cat works out just fine because of their docile nature.

3. Tonkinese

Top 3 Best Cat Breeds For Cuddling

These intelligent loving cats beg for the attention of their owners and family. They can be stubborn at times but they’re very affectionate towards their families.

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The Tonkinese cat is known to be very playful and active but they’re also more than willing to sleep and cuddle with you since they’re in love with attention. They’re known to be cuddly lap cats for this exact reason.

Final words

Now these are just the cat breeds that are known to be more prone to cuddling, of course there are always cats that break the mold and you don’t even need to own a cat to get your cat cuddle fix.

Visiting or volunteering at an animal shelter could be mutually beneficial both for you and the cats. Besides shelters typically have both cats and kittens so, if you’re looking to gain more experience around felines, this could be the right move for you. It’s not only are you gaining experience with shelter cats you’re showing them that humans can love them properly.


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