Top 10 Tips For New Kitten? Today we will be discussing on 10 points on how can you welcome your new cat or kitten?  And before this let me tell you this that you must find out about the behaviour of your cat or kitten before bringing him/her.

That if you are purchasing this from catteries or breeding centres or from any pet stores whether

  • It’s a kitten or cat?
  • What is its behaviour?
  • What are its feeding schedules?
  • How many times do you feed him?
  • Which food do you feed him?

Before bringing it to your home you must know all this.

You must know its behaviour that which all things were they using in their home so that you don’t get into any problem.

Let’s begin

Top 10 Tips For New Kitten?

Tips For New Kitten

1. Give A Place

You have to provide your pet a place doesn’t mean that you have to provide him a room. Provide a normal place where you’re living. Your pet will take some time to adjust and feel comfortable in a new place.

You don’t want to disturb your pet in the beginning because in the beginning if you pick up or love your animal too much the animal may end up being under stress.

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2. Place For Hiding

You have to provide him a place for hiding because the cat family has a habit of hiding. Remember, you have to provide a hiding place where he can hide and hunt so that their basic need to hide is for hunting can be fulfilled.

3. Talk To The Family Members

Talk to your family members about the requirements of your cat or kittens.

  • Which time do they need food?
  • which time they don’t?
  • Which food to give and in what quantity?

All your family members must know about this, so that sometime when you’re not available your all family members must know the requirements of your animal. At this, she can live in peace.

4. Provide All The Essential Things

You must provide all the essential things that are required for your pet that can be the food either wet or dry. That can be the toys, litter box or litter etc.

At this, your pet can come in a comfortable zone!

5. Chooses The Right Litter Box Or Litter Tray

Always use the litter box or tray in which your animal stays comfortable. Find out about the behaviour that whether he’ll be comfortable in the litter box that is covered or in litter tray that is open.

6. Complete The Nutrient Level

Tips For New Kitten

Always consult your vet before giving any food to your pet. Always consult which you are giving is according to his requirements or not?

If it’s a kitten that the metabolism of a kitten is faster as compared to the cats and for cats, we have to know whether he’s a young cat or not because their nutrient balance is always different whether she’s pregnant of she’s any diseased cat the nutrient balance would be different.

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You have to consult with your vet that which nutrient you have to give her. Always use the food which is of a good brand. Got this, you would have to consult your vet.

If you’re giving homemade food then you must give in balanced nutrients. It’s not that if you’re feeding her chicken than keep on feeding chicken only.

Always keep on changing the feed try to add all type of things in her feed, so that it contains protein lipids & fats etc.

7. Scratching

Everyone is worried about cats scratching. This habit of cats or kittens to scratch every time is considered in their behaviour. For this, you have to do that there are scratching posts available in pet stores, so if you purchase that your pet would only scratch in that area. At this, your furniture and all would be safe from all these scratches.

8. Provide Him with A Cat Proof Home

Tips For New Kitten

This means that you must feel safe at your home. If your cat goes to the lawn there must not be anything therefrom which the cat may fell or may get into any problem.

If she goes into any open place or jumps onto any wall she may fell. Keep your home neat and clean or cat proof so that your pet doesn’t have any problem.

9. Save Your Home Items

Like the companies warn you that take care of your things by yourself Similarly you have to take care of your stuff.

kittens and cats are usually very naughty. They touch everything and make everything fall especially the glass or mud made crockery. You have to look at this on your own that how do you protect your stuff?

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10. Introduction Of Other Pets

Cats usually have a very greater factor of jealousy. If you have another cat the first one would be angry at you.

It’s obvious that no one divides their love with others. You don’t have to do this that if you bring a new cat or kitten and start loving them you have to look toward the other cats as well which you had already.

And you have to introduce it in such a way that you have to bring the new one rarely to the old one. You have to introduce them in such a way that they must have eye contact but you must not leave them together.

At least for a week or two make they feel that they are far apart from each other. After that, you can feed them together. It will take some time but after that, they both would be fine with each other and would start playing with each other.


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