Top 10 Largest Breeds Of Domestic Cats, before starting this, have you ever dreamed of owning your own pet tiger? So are we. They look powerful, beautiful and exotic, and sometimes videos shot at the zoo make them look cute and adorable. However, raising a big cat as a pet is not always a good idea (for both of you), so a larger breed of a domestic cat is the next best choice.

Because of their small size and relatively low maintenance costs, they are usually sought out as pets. However, not all cats are created equally, and some larger cats deserve the same love as kittens.

Top 10 Largest Breeds Of Domestic Cats

1. American Bobtails

American Bobtails sitting

American bobtails are distinct because of their bobtails. this breed was created strictly by natural selection and thee bobtails they sports are a natural phenomenon. they have an average weight of 7 to 15 pounds.

2. Turkish Van

Turkish Van sitting

These cute cats are rare, originated in Central and Southwest Asia, and did not reach the United States until 1982. On average, the waiting volume for Turkish fans is 9 to 13 pounds.

3. British Shorthair Cat

British Shorthair Cat HD image

These British cats are one of the largest shorthair cats around. They are very kind and have made wonderful partners. The average weight of a British shorthair cat is 9 to 18 pounds.

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4. Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat sitting image

The cold climate from Siberia is not surprising, this is a large and thick cat. These beautiful cats are even Russia’s national treasures. They also became incredible companions weighing 10 to 20 pounds.

5. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat sitting image

These beautiful cats are another very large cat. The average weight of a tomcat is 13 to 22 pounds. It may seem that most of them are hair, but these cats are actually muscular.

Their coat helps them survive the Scandinavian winters because their coat is waterproof.

6. Ragamuffins

Ragamuffins sitting HD image

Ragamuffins were based on the above-mentioned rag doll to follow In the footsteps of excellent temperament. Ragamuffins also maintained the size weighing an average of 11 to 17 pounds.

7. Chausie

Cute Chausie HD image

This option is another option for Catlett, which was created by mixing domestic cats with their wild cousins. This is a very rare species that cost a penny to own, but they are beautiful enough to attract anyone. Chausie’s average weight is 15 to 20 pounds.

8. Ragdoll

Ragdoll HD image

Ragdolls are big cats along with their bigger heart, outstanding personality, and calm personality. The average weight of these cute cats is 10 to 20 pounds.

9. Savannah Cats

Cute Savannah Cat HD image

Savannah cats get their size from being cross spread with the serval a wildcat found in Africa.

These cats are not only heavy but also long and tall. The average weight of Savannah is 25 pounds.

10. Maine Coons

Top 10 Largest Breeds Of Domestic Cats

In fact, the Maine Coon is one of the largest cat species today. In fact, these fluffy guys maintain an average weight between 15 and 25 pounds.

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