The fact is that “Adopting a pet is simple but caring a pet is difficult”. I know you agree with this statement. If you adopted or want to adopt new kitten then here are tips for the first 3 weeks of cat adoption.

Today I will discuss with you about the case in which if you want to purchase or adopt a kitten then what are the things you have to remember about the first 3 weeks and what things you have to take care of?

Let’s start.

Tips For The First 3 Weeks Of Cat Adoption

Tips For The First 3 Weeks Of Cat Adoption

Below we will discuss some tips through which you can provide your animal a stress-free, disease-free, and comfortable environment.

1. Settlement

Remember this thing that when you bring a kitten home, then it will surely take 2 to 3 weeks for it to settle in a new place.

2. Separation Anxiety

You have to understand that when a kitten gets separated from its mother or a previous owner’s place, then separation anxiety occurs.

This is a normal phenomenon and you shouldn’t worry about this but you should worry when like when you are bringing your animal it will be in a bit of stress and if it doesn’t eat 2 to 3 days or more than a day, you should consult your vet to know what the problem is because when changing places, animal’s get stress and due to that, fever also.

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3. Comfortable Environment

Tips For The First 3 Weeks Of Cat Adoption

You should provide a comfortable environment for your animal. When you purchase a pet and bring it to a new place then to provide it with a stress-free environment, don’t tease it, leave it in a good place, don’t pick it up often, don’t annoy it and don’t try to play with it in the beginning.

This is so because the cat family basically takes note of everything when entering a new place and observes everything and after that, it stays comfortable in the place of its liking.

4. Food And Litter

You should provide food to your animal in such a bowl through which it can easily feed. The same is the case with the litter box. The litter box should be of such kind that it can easily go into it and such litter should be provided in which it feels comfortable.

5. Cat Toys

You should at least give your cat some cat toys like a ring toy, catnip, scratching post so that your animal doesn’t get bored with itself nor you. If it wants to play with something then it should have something to play with easily.

6. Feeding

Tips For The First 3 Weeks Of Cat Adoption

The most common mistake new pet owners make is that they don’t take the feeding history from the previous owner. You should provide it the same thing which the previous owner was feeding it.

Often it happens that due to lack of transition, the animal get vomiting or diarrhea or some kind of dehydration state.

When you change the feed suddenly, then it is obvious that the animal will surely get diarrhea so before purchasing a pet, you should get the feeding history from the previous owner.

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Whether they are giving chicken, boil or dry food, you should not change the feed so that your animal can easily eat it.

7. Grooming

Groom your animal on a daily basis. Through grooming, your animal stays comfortable and gets relaxed. Other than this keep massaging it and spend time with it.

In grooming, you have to comb it on a daily basis so that the long-haired cats don’t get mats in them.

8. Cat Playing

Spend time with your animal on a daily basis so that it stays in a comfortable environment and it knows that someone is spending time with it and it stays in a stress-free environment.

9. Feed Transition

This point is the most important one. I told you this is the 6th point as well that whenever you bring a pet, you should surely take the feeding history of it.

If you bring a pet home and you want to change its feed, then you should change it day by day meaning keep a 7 to 10 day transitional period like decrease the old feed by 10% and increase the new feed by 10% and you should change its feed within 7 to 10 days.

New pet owners make this mistake that they get a new food and the pet does eat it, but by this, the animal doesn’t stay in a comfortable environment and gets vomiting and diarrhea as well.

I hope you have understood these points.

Final Words

Take these into consideration to keep your animal in a comfortable environment and to keep it disease-free. I used the word disease free because if your animal gets stressed then it can go into a disease condition.

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Kittens don’t have such strong immunity so because of stress it’s immune system gets suppressed and compromised and so some disease can attack it.


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