Sphynx Cat Types You Should Definitely Avoid – Let’s face it that little alien look and sweet personality got to you. Even if at first, you thought these cats were weird but, after some time you are in love with them and thinking of getting one. But, which one should you get? I know this question irritates you because there isn’t only one type of sphynx cat.

In this blog, you’ll learn all about the different kinds of sphynx cats.

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Sphynx Cat Types You Should Definitely Avoid

Sphynx Cat Types You Should definitely Avoid

Too hairless breeds have sphynx in their name. The first one shown in the above picture is the most popular breed Sphynx or previously called Canadian hairless. The other one is the Donskoy or Don sphinx. Both breeds are either hairless or appear the same.

Similar looks never mean they are the same. The genetic mutations that make them hairless are actually different.

Their appearance is slightly distinct. Both are medium-sized cats but the Donskoy usually has smaller eyes and smaller ears even if its ears are large. But, if we talk about sphynx cats their ears are just enormous. This makes the sphinx’s face appear smaller.

Is Donskoy Less Common In America?

That being said the Donskoy is much less common in America and the sphinx breed is pretty rare too. Not many people are aware that such breeds exist.

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Sadly, the price for these hairless babies is higher than other breeds.

Fur Placements

  • The Donskoy sports four different coat types in a variety of colours.
  • The Rubber Bald is born bulb and remains that way throughout its life.
  • The Flock type appears hairless and has the texture of a soft chamois. The flock coat can disappear and the cat can become bald.
  • Cats born with Velour coats and have a bald spot on their head. Their weighty coats disappear in the first year but some hair can remain on the face, legs and tail.
  • The last one Brush has a soft wavy fur on the whole body with some bald spots but is not allowed in shows.

Types Of Variety Of Sphynx Breed?

These cats come in a variety of types. First of all Sphynx cats usually have fur. Some are completely bald but most have very short and soft peach-like hair.

Still, even the hairy ones look hairless.

There’s the standard sphynx that’s recognized by most prominent cat associations but other Sphynx cats look even more unique.

The standard sphynx has regular legs and normal ears and by normal (mean huge straight ones). They are the cheapest type priced at about 2000$.

Odd Eyed Sphynx Cats

Moving on the odd-eyed sphynx cats ( shown in the above image) are rare and pricier. These cats have one blue eye while the other one is green or gold. Due to their uniqueness, they cost up to 3000$ or even more.

Elf sphynx

The Elf cat was developed to create a unique looking feline that was both hairless and had curled ears. These cats have standard sized legs.

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However, they may have a different body structure than a standard sphinx that’s because they were created by breeding Sphynx cats with stockier American curls. At the moment. Elf cats are pretty rare and they cost about 2200$.


Bambino results from long bone dwarf cats like the munchkin and hairless cats. Including the sphinx, they have normal ears but short legs. Due to their short legs, they’re more sought after and cost around twenty 2400$.


The last one in the sphinx category is the Dwelf. This cat has short legs and curled ears and for these reasons, it’s even pricier than Bambinos.

About Sphynx personalities

These cats are super affectionate and pretty playful luckily these traits most likely apply to every sphynx type but what about Donskoy cats? They too appear to be active and loving and thrive when receiving plenty of attention.

Both breeds are suited for people willing to have an active and loyal companion. But, less appropriate for those who want a chill pet.

So, which type should you choose? Well, sphynx cats seem to be more prone to developing HCM than Donskoy.

On one of the cat associations, the life expectancy of a sphinx is said to be 15 years or more. That being said their lifespan varies and I found it can be as low as 8 years. Most sites actually state their life expectancy to be between 8 and 14 years. However, some individuals can live well into their 20s.

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Final words

For Donskoy their life expectancy is anywhere between 12 and 15 years and even more. According to the same cat association but, here’s another thing to consider when getting a sphinx cat. The more unique looking types can be quite problematic.

The short-legged ones have been bred with munchkin cats which are pretty controversial. Munchkin cats are banned from some major cat associations. That’s because they suffer from a condition that causes dwarfism and can lead to bone-related issues.

Needless to say, this can drastically affect the health and life quality of those cats. Sadly, all short-legged cats most likely suffer from dwarfism.

Please consider this before deciding to get any cat. It’s a shame to buy a cat that will be suffering just for its looks.

For the other types that have curled ears, it’s too soon to tell if they’re problematic and more research needs to be done. Regardless of the type, you should always get these cats from a respectable breeder.

Breeders scan their cats yearly against major health issues. And don’t allow affected cats to breed. In this way you’ll have the best chance of getting a healthy cat it’s pricier indeed but I think it’s worth it.


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