Signs And Solutions Of Cat Illness? Today I will discuss with you about the fact that many people don’t really understand what are the signs of the cat being sick are.

There are many diseases which have very similar symptoms but there is some science by which we can indicate which particular disease is with the male or female cat so you can get to know why it is happening? And what changes are coming in your cat? So that you can quickly consult your vet.

Come on let’s start.

Signs And Solutions Of Cat Illness?

Litterbox Issue

Signs And solutions Of Cat Illness

This happens especially with female cats that will come on heat. This issue starts to uprise and by that, you can identify the cat is on heat.

Secondly, if a male cat hits puberty or is sturdy now, they start spraying, so it may happen that they don’t urinate in the litter box.

The third reason may be arthritis. If you have a senior cat and it may be that if the litter box is too heightened then the cat finds it difficult to get into the litter box and that’s why it litters outside of it.

The fourth reason is that maybe your litter is very dirty and that’s why the cat does not like to litter over there and does it litters outside the box.

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Unexpected Weight Gain Or Loss

If your cat experiences a sudden weight loss then you must consult your vet. There can be many factors in this. There may be a kidney problem or a viral or bacterial disease.

You will face some problems if your cat has a bacterial disease. You cannot identify it very easily but for viral diseases, you can easily identify

Blood Urine

The third sign is blood in urine or vomit. God for bed if there is blood coming from the urine then it may be that your cat has UTI which is called a urinary tract infection.

If there is blood in the vomit then it may be that the cat has worms in it because of which blood is seen.

Diarrhea Or Vomiting

Diarrhea and vomiting come in many diseases, especially in Feline leucopenia. this is a viral disease and there is blood in the vomit and in the other case which is called hemorrhagic gastroenteritis meaning bloody diarrhea.

Sudden Change In Your Animal’s Feed

Signs And solutions Of Cat Illness

The fifth sign to look out for is a sudden change in your animal’s feed then by that you can get the idea that there are some changes coming in your cat.

Maybe it’s hitting puberty maybe it’s on heat or maybe it’s under some stress. With this sign, you can understand that your cat is sick.

Drinking Problem

Meaning that the drinking routine of a cat gets changed drastically. In terms that it starts drinking more water.

There are two reasons for this and they are that maybe it has kidney problems or liver problems.

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The liver cleans up all the unimportant stuff in our body and excretes it out of the body. If there is an infection in the liver then, it may happen that your animal starts drinking more water and its urine colour turns yellow.

If it has a urinary tract infection then also the cat starts drinking more water.

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Repeated Vomiting

If your pet is vomiting from time to time then you must consult your vet because it may be that there are some problems going on in the stomach.

Mobility Problem

For example, if you have a cat that is aged more than 4 years then you may notice that they find it difficult to walk and senior cats who are aged more than 7 years have this problem very commonly.

It may also happen to a kitten or cat that is less than three years and if it is not pregnant then it may be that there is some problem.

Pregnant cats are mostly sweeping and mobility problems are normal with them, so don’t get worried. But, if your cat is not pregnant and if she is not moving and sleeping more and more then you should consult your wet.

Behavioural Change

Signs And solutions Of Cat Illness

Whether you have a male or a female cat if it shows aggression and becomes Moody then, do consult your vet. Tell your vet the whole history of your cat, that what behaviour is it showing, what changes did you see etc.

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It may be that it is under some stress or didn’t like something that happened or it didn’t like the new food.

There are several reasons why a cat can behave like this.

Final Words

So I have told you these nine points so that you can understand the reason behind the changes in your cat and then you can easily tell them to your vet.


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